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2019 Recruiting Check-In 5-16-18

A look into recruiting.

Howard v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

About once a month or so, we will try to do this kind of feature. The aim is to provide a look into the recruiting of some of the players getting a lot of interest from Mountain West Conference schools. There’s no guarantee they will end up at a MWC school, but it’s still worth checking in on them and getting a feel for where they are at in the process.

RB Keegan Duncan

“I have been offered by Utah, Utah state, BYU, Idaho, Idaho state, Boise State, and University of Montana as well. I have been talking with Stanford and Washington. I have also heard from UCLA, Oregon, Oregon state, and CAL. Boise State is a great place with great people. They have a great coaching staff. They are getting some big time recruits and their program is heading in the right direction. They will be a very tough team in the future. All the schools are recruiting me pretty hard. I am not going to release any of my top schools at this point. I am focusing on my senior year and my team. I want to win another state title before I commit anywhere. My team is the most important to me at this point. Our team is looking very strong. If we work hard and focus on our goal then there is no doubt we can get the job done. However, here are some things I’m looking for in a college. First, I look for in a college program is first education. My education is the most important thing to me (at this point I’m looking to become a pediatrician). Second I look for a team and staff with good character. Next I want to play for a winning program. I want it to a good experience, not a bad one. As for next steps, right now I am just going to the Boise state team camp with my team. We go every year.”

TE Skylar Loving-Black

“I have 13 offers and the ones that have been in contact with me most right now are Colorado, Oregon State, Nevada, San Diego State, Yale, and Purdue has been sending me a lot of mail also. With Nevada and SDSU, they’re on my radar right now because of the player to coach connection. I also believe in what they are trying to do with their programs. I’m also close with the Wyoming and Fresno State coaches. I’m basically looking for a school that has a great environment and where I’ll play. And a good culture I can adapt to fast. I want to go somewhere where I can make a name for myself. Well before I make any commitment decisions I will be taking some visits over the summer and go to a few camps. I will be going to Colorado on an official on the 22nd of June and probably take some unofficials to Nevada and San Diego State.”

CB JL Skinner

“I have offers so far from BYU, Boise State, Iowa State, San Jose State, UNLV, South Dakota, and Hawaii. I love all the Mountain West schools. They are in a great conference with great competition. I’m just blessed to even be in the position to be offered and to even be looked at by them. I’ve been to a camp at UNLV a couple years ago and I recently took a visit to Boise this April. They all stick out to me I’m not rushing the process. However, in a school I’m looking to make a impact on the team as soon as possible. I wanna feel comfortable where I’m at and the place where I have the best ability to succeed on and off the field. My next step is taking my officials soon so I can get the entire feel for the program and the school. Don’t have any for sure visits yet until I narrow my list of schools.”

DE Amir Johnson

“As of now the only offers I hold are from Boise State and Brown, I think very highly of both schools from an academic as well as a football standpoint. Both coaching staffs are extremely supportive and I look forward to working with them in the future. After meeting me, many coaches compliment me on the level of maturity that I display during conversations. I am also told that I possess an immense upside due to my length as well as my athleticism.”

OL Jacob Golden

“Currently, my offers are Nevada, Air Force, New Mexico, NAU, Indiana State, Idaho, Fordham, North Dakota, Brown, San Jose State, San Diego State, and today I got one from Boise State. I’m interested in the ones with a wide variety of science programs. I have not narrowed it down per se, but I do like all of the Mountain West schools right now. I have visited San Jose state and Nevada and plan on visiting the rest I was very excited about Boise today and still working on when I can make it up there. I really like the way Coach Bedell was honest and thorough with me the whole time through the recruiting process. I was hoping to get a chance to either take an unofficial or go to camp but haven’t set anything up just yet. Other than that, just focusing on having a great senior year and getting stronger kind of just going where it takes me right now.”

Bonus: OL David Ibarra

“I’m hearing the most from Yale, Idaho, Iowa State, Fresno State, University of Mississippi, and UTEP. Yale has been asking me to visit them. Fresno wants me to go to a camp and meet the head coach and Idaho asked for my number and checks up on me sees how I’m doing. Iowa asked me for all my contact info and said they loved my film, and also Mississippi asked for my contact info and said he will be checking up on me. So lots of things in the works. I’m looking for a school located in a nice area, a friendly place and welcoming atmosphere but with majors that interest me such as business or medicine. My next steps are that I plan on going to the Fresno State camp as well as the super lineman one later in June and I plan on going to others in Redlands too.”

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