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Mountaintop View 5-15-18

Past rules, new rules, and potential rules changes.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another set of links. Today’s links focus quite a bit on new off-season rules and rule proposals.

New rule: Number of coaches wearing headsets will be limited.

Don’t stock up on headsets. Starting this year, there can only be 20 during a game, 15 of which can be worn by the head coach, assistant coaches, ad GAs. 4 can be used by players (think the backup QB who gets the call from the OC and signals plays to the QB on the field) and the remaining one is for someone doing a non-coaching activity. This is designed to limit the large staffs some teams have (offensive consultant and things like that). They also designate a few exemptions. It will be interesting to see if teams take advantage of the exemption loopholes.

Rule in review: How is the IAWP rule going?

Chris Vannini of the Athletic takes a look at this rule after its initial season. This is the one that says Individuals Associated With a Prospect that high school coaches can’t be hired for two years for an off-field position if they recruit a player in that school. It was designed to prevent colleges from hiring a HS coach in order to secure a player’s commitment. But, is it preventing good HS coaches from moving to the college ranks?

Representative calls on NCAA to allow college players to profit from their image and likeness.

Rep Mark Walker out of North Carolina has been studying the issue and solutions for a few years now and seems driven to make sure college athletes get what they deserve. While he isn’t in favor of them being paid, he is supporting them to be allowed to profit from their name, image and likeness being used (think commercials, posters, media, video games). Seems like they are also in favor of the Olympic model.

Is the decline of amateurism moving from a leak to a waterfall?

More talk is growing for ways for players to get a cut of all the revenue going on in college football. Maybe it’s pay, maybe it’s some form of delayed compensation. One thing is certain, the current way of doing things is being seen as outdated and won’t be lasting too much longer.

On the horizon:

  • Wednesday: Mike checks in with some recruits and hears where they are at in their recruiting process.
  • Thursday: Casey and Mike debut part 5 of their series, which is now moving over to the defensive side of the ball. Read about the DT commits in the Boise State 2014 class.
  • Later this week: The MWC Round-table. Our team weighs in on who could be a breakout player for each team in 2018.