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Draft Day 2018: Where will Josh Allen fall?

We’re two hours away from day one of the draft. Who will pick up everyone’s favorite quarterback?

Wyoming v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Well, folks, this is it. The culmination of all of the yelling online about whether or not Josh Allen is good or bad.

I’m not going to talk about mock drafts or anything, just where I personally think would be the best fit for Josh, along with Rico Gafford, who could sneak in as a late round pick.

Let’s talk about Rico first (Disclaimer: these might be tentative or a stretch, since most teams are probably going to look at him as a depth pick).


Ask virtually any Packers fan what the biggest problem was last year and most will tell you defense. New defensive coordinator Mike Pettine made his mark with the Jets by using great corners that he could put on their own islands. While Gafford may not be an immediate starter, with his speed, he could be very attractive to Pettine.


Kansas City just dumped Marcus Peters to LA for some reason and brought back Kendall Fuller to replace him. That’s not a knock on Fuller; no one’s Marcus Peters, but the Chiefs have some depth questions that they need to answer. Gafford could be the answer.


New England’s secondary was pretty shaky last season following the loss of Malcolm Butler. Jason McCourty was...okay? But, like the two previous teams, Rico would mostly be a depth choice. While the Patriots are a very good team, a coach like Belichick would want any voids on the team to be filled. Plus, they’ve had some success with late-round picks in the past.


The Seahawks lost Richard Sherman, a pretty big loss for a defense-heavy team. They’ve got some solid backups that’ll be pushed into starting roles, and Gafford can fill the slots left open.


Now, let’s get to the main event, the main man, everyone’s favorite potential starting quarterback, Josh Allen.

With the release of some old offensive tweets of his, Josh could potentially fall in the first round, if not out of the first round.

With that being said, let’s look at some teams that I think would be a good fit outside of the Jets, Browns, and Giants.


The common theme throughout this is going to be “how much urgency is there at the quarterback position?” Arizona doesn’t really have much urgency at the position. Sam Bradford is alright, but he’s not the long-term answer. Josh could push out Mike Glennon, and could sit for a little while as he develops.


Josh has the experience of passing in an environment like Buffalo (a cold hellish wasteland). Buffalo has been tied to him, and pick in the middle of the first round. If he does fall due to the Twitter controversy, Buffalo could be more than willing to snap him up.


Yeah, it’d be nice to have our favorite players go to the best teams, but there’s a legitimate connection here.

Bill Belichick has praised Wyoming in the past, saying that we’ve got a good team out here. Jacob Hollister, one of Josh’s favorite targets in 2016, is a Patriot. New England has developed two starting quarterbacks in the last year alone in Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett. They’ve got the development pedigree, even if Josh doesn’t end up being the Patriots starting quarterback.


This honestly probably isn’t going to happen, but the Saints have been looking for an heir to Drew Brees for a couple seasons now. They could’ve taken Patrick Mahomes last year, but didn’t. The Saints have pretty powerful offense, balanced by their incredible rushing duo of Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. Josh’s most successful season featured a very good running back. Just sayin’.


Josh is a local guy, having grown up just two hours away from Levi’s Stadium. San Francisco has their starter, the aforementioned Garoppolo. They also have a top-10 pick. I highly doubt this is where Josh will go, but it’d be a good story.


Whether or not Josh ends up going to any of these teams is anyone’s guess. All that I can say for certain is that there will be a lot of people who’ll be mad about their favorite team drafting him and I am 100% here for it.

Tune in to the draft at 8 p.m. Eastern on NFL Network, FOX, or ESPN stations.