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Mountaintop View 4-26-18

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Allen, the highest draft pick in Wyoming Cowboy history since the 1960’s

The Cowboys have had over 80 players drafted since the 60’s. “Pedro”, drafted 14th overall in 1967, is the highest draft pick of all Wyoming players. Overall, Allen should be the fourth first rounder in Wyoming history...then this happens

Hawaii’s primed for their annual Spring Fling

Coach Rolovich mentions he’s happy with the progress made during the spring session and has had some good surprises, but there’s still al long way to go.

Rashaad Penny NFL draft prediction

Penny is a top 10 back in this year’s draft. This local San Diego beat writer has him pegged rightly in the top to middle of the second round.

UNLV Rebels sign the best player in Nevada

For the second year in a row, UNLV football lands one of the best players from the state. Quarterback Kenyon Oblad is the state’s all-time leading passer.

The Bulldogs are still searching for an AD

It’s been almost 6 months since Fresno’s AD, Jim Bartko, unexpectedly quit. The university will take it upon themselves to find a new AD, who’ll have some good “pieces” to work with as he or she looks for the funding to support all its sports programs.