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Mountaintop View 4-24-18

2 Rams, 2 Aztecs, and a Rainbow Warrior.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday links are hot off the presses. Or whatever the 2018 internet translation of hot off the presses is. Either way, we got them for your reading enjoyment.

Class of 2018 athlete Hall looking to make an immediate impact.

Niko Hall is a tremendous talent for anyone’s recruiting class, let alone a Group of 5 school. He wants to make an early and last impact during his time as a Ram, and may even do it on both sides of the ball. He was signed and announced as a WR but there’s some talk that he could end up as a safety.

Colorado State gets huge naming rights deal for football stadium.

In a shocking and great development for the Rams, they are set to make $37.7 million over 15 years by selling the naming rights to their stadium. This dwarfs the deal Boise State got a few years back and really evens the playing field (or maybe even tips the scales further in CSU’s direction) in the arms race of Group of 5 schools trying to stay relevant.

2018 QB making strides in spring ball.

Jeremy Moussa is a big time talent who will fit well in the switch to the run-and-shoot system. Giving him a bigger edge to win a starting spot or role next fall is being on campus for spring ball and getting many reps. He’s adjusting to college life, aware of the things he’s sacrificed, and working hard to step into a big time role.

Aztecs new staff working to get a leg up in recruiting.

We touched on the two new staff last week in a link and mentioned how they were the director and assistance director of on-campus recruiting. They will be able to devote more attention to evaluating high school players and take some burden off on the field coaches. Coach Long’s goal is to reorganize how they do recruiting to prevent players from slipping through the cracks.

San Diego State O-line growing up quickly.

This details the baptism by fire approach many first time OL starters got last season after 4 seniors graduated. The new group had the support of RB Rashaad Penny and proved themselves in PAC12 wins back to back weeks. This year, the unit could be a strength for the offense.