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Mountaintop View 4-23-18

Lots of Boise State links, plus a big change in high school football.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to your weekday links with our Monday edition. Today, we are starting your week off with bunching four Boise State links all together in one convenient post. Without further delay, read away:

Boise State knows the hype will be coming, but results must back it up.

The Bronco football team is no stranger to big games, big seasons, and unfortunately, big letdowns. Avoiding that last one will be key next fall as both local and national media outlets are pegging them to be one of, if not the, top Group of 5 team in the country. It seems the expectations at this point are a NY6 bowl. However, the entire season needs to be played and buying into the one game at a time mantra will be essential.

Bronco spring practice observations: OBNUG addition.

Our friends over at OBNUG provide this recap on Boise State’s spring sessions. If their thoughts on Rypien (as well as the local media and the spring game stats) are any indication, he may finally be reaching his potential for his senior season.

Broncos new CB coach had quite a path to arrive where he is at now.

Jeff Popovich stops include stops with the Colts, the Bachelorette, and modeling at Abercrombie & Fitch (maybe that LFO song popped into your head or maybe you have no clue what I’m talking about). It’s an interesting path, but players sound as if they are already latching on to their new CB coach and they to him.

Boise State getting new turf?

Spoiler alert: it will still be blue. Love it or hate it, the Broncos’ trademark field isn’t going anywhere. However, after this latest edition was installed in 2010, athletic director Curt Apsey is saying that around this time in 2019, it will be time to replace it.

Big change coming to high school football.

The states of Alabama and Texas made big announcements this week when they proclaimed that instant replay will be utilized in their high school games this upcoming season. This follows Minnesota and New Jersey already using it or saying they will use it. It will be interesting to watch how it changes the game at the high school level.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: our weekly MWC Recruiting Roundup, with a few quotes from recruits
  • Wednesday: Vic and Mike tag team for an in-depth article on SJSU’s Beyond Football program