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Mountaintop View 4-19-18

Josh Allen, two sad stories, and more rule proposal talk.

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Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Josh Allen #1 to the Browns: Smart of Silly?

Tired of draft analysis and talk? The end is in sight. This mock draft has Allen #1 to the Browns. They do not think this is a smart pick. Not one bit. Also, LVE at #17.

Boise State player’s mom passes away.

On a sad note, Boise State offensive lineman Kole Bailey’s mom passed away after fighting a battle with cancer. Shockingly (but appropriately!), the NCAA has allowed funds to be raised for him to cover funeral expenses. At the time of this writing, over $4,400 has been raised!

Colorado State player survived aurora shooting, committed to making most of his chance at pro ball.

Zack Golditch wanted to be known as a football player during his time at Colorado State, rather than the kid who took a bullet in the neck in the tragic mass-shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre years ago. It’s an identity he’s accepted, but now, as he prepares for the NFL draft, he wants to add to that identity.

More NCAA proposal talk.

This one has been tabled for some reason. It’s annoying as this one perhaps makes the most sense. This site even wrote about it earlier in the off-season. Although it goes on to say a vote could come up in June. Still, this is the NCAA we’re dealing with here.

An alternative to the kickoff rule.

Long-time and well-respected NFL special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff was asked about the new kickoff rule. His counter-proposal is very interesting. He said keep kickoffs but change the schemes. Line up 9 return team players 10 yards from the 11 kicking team players, which wouldn’t allow players to hit one another at top speed.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Our round-table discussion of what each team in the MWC needs to improve on before next season.
  • Later today: Casey and Mike take a look at the QBs in the Boise State 2014 recruiting class.