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Mountaintop View 4/12/18

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky - Hollywood’s Tark the Shark - Cowboys & Broncos

Jerry Tarkanian

Bronco basketball: this ‘crucial’ time of year is the worst

Coach Leon Rice describes the not-so-fun necessities of the job and the importance of shaping a tourney resume with good non-conference games - easier said than done.

Wyoming basketball: three prep impact players signed

With the Cowboys earlier signing of Trevon Taylor, coach Allen Edward’s expectations are obviously high with his three most recent signings. They’ll just need to snare a good big and another guard.

The Rocky Long era extended

Coach Long is still a ways down the list among his peers in the Mountain West in terms of salary, but it will continue to be great for recruiting for the Aztec program and oh, the assistants got raises too.

Ready for the Hollywood movie on Jerry Tarkanian?

An Academy Award-winning writer pens a feature script that’s about ready for the Tarkanian family to review. Hmm, who could play Jerry?