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Mountaintop View 3-5-18

Josh Allen, new NCAA rules, and transfers

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Monday again? Monday again. Lots of news going on around the internet, but we have some links for you this morning.

A Wyoming student’s take on Allen.

Josh Allen may be the most polarizing person in the entire draft. This student saw Allen play more than most and outlines why he should be the QB the Browns draft.

Kickoff rule to change?

In a continued effort to limit big (and potentially dangerous) hits, there is a recommendation to make fair catches inside the 25 to result in a touchback. There are a few rule changes on minor parts of the game.

Warriors lose another player this offseason.

It’s been a tough offseason following a disappointing second year campaign. Moala, who was an honorable mention in the MWC this past season, is the latest in a long string of transfers for Hawaii football.

Media announces their MWC MBB awards.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: MWC Recruiting Roundup
  • Later this week: A look at the impact adding Gonzaga could have (if it were to happen)
  • Later this week: Our predications on the MWC basketball tournament.

Your turn:

  • What do you think of the potential and actual rule changes to college football? Do you agree or disagree with the MBB awards? Let us know in the comments section.