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Meet the Team!

A who’s who of our writing staff.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t noticed, there are quite a few new members to the MWCConnection writing team who have joined up recently. To get everyone on the same page, here we are, all on one post to fill you in on the roles and bios of the team.


  • @Stubbs_SBN
  • The Managing Editor of MWCConnection, Stubbs is the brains behind this operation. He handles many of the football and big picture conference content. Also, he writes for the Twin Falls Times-News as a columnist.


  • @Mike_SBN
  • Mike handles football recruiting for the conference. He also handles some editor and other day-to-day responsibilities for the site. When not doing recruiting coverage, he will offer thoughts on topics relevant to the MWC on a semi-regular basis. How did the guy in Illinois end up on a MWC site? No one really knows.


  • @JeremyKawika
  • Jeremy covers Hawaii football for the MWC Connection. He grew up on Oahu in Mililani and has followed Hawaii football his entire life. He’s also the utility man of sorts, assisting with recruiting coverage and football when needed and will try his hand at some baseball. He is well-studied in most MWC matters.


  • Though not on twitter, you know him best as The_Coach
  • Max is twitterless and a passionate college basketball fan, who loves to watch and write about the Mountain West Conference. He used to write for MWCConnection back from January to July in 2016, before becoming the site manager at Building The Dam. He rejoined the MWCConnection recently, with a focus on writing about Mountain West basketball.


  • @vicaquino22 (he’s been on twitter about 3 days now)
  • Vic is a Spartan alumni and an old-school creative who writes, photographs and does web stuff for a living. He’s interested in the human performance & psychological aspects of competition and does most of his work covering SJSU sports.


  • @reoisrad
  • Reo covers Wyoming sports. A junior at the University of Wyoming, he’s always loved sports and wanted to have a career in baseball media when out of school. All of his professors have driven home the importance of writing skills. When he saw MWCConnection didn’t really have a dedicated Wyoming presence, he joined up in the Fall of 2016 and the rest is history.


  • @FSUbone1
  • Matt is an elementary school teacher in Fresno. Graduated with a BA in Music from Fresno State. Always followed sports, being raised in Fresno, but it wasn’t until college that he really dove deep in it. Being in band meant he got to pretty much all the games free, so that is where his appreciation and understanding of the games developed. He still teaches and enjoy getting to examine and writing about sports as a sideline. He forms one half of the Fresno State coverage.


  • @baldwithhairgel
  • Ben is a current journalism student at Clovis Community College in Fresno, looking to transfer to Fresno State. He participated in sports at a young age, but after learning his talent was outweighed by his understanding, he looked to other career opportunities. Finally discovering his passion for commentary and writing topics, generally in the fields of football and baseball, though any sport immediately draws my attention. He joined the site around a month ago and is part of the duo that covers Fresno State.

Mike (aka the other Mike)

  • @LobosAlum97
  • Mike covers New Mexico and is passionate about sports and journalism. A UNM graduate and the former Sports Editor of the Albuquerque Tribune (which closed in 2007), he brings a wealth of experience to the team. Since then, he’s become a Journalism and Language Arts high school teacher. He’s also a season ticket holder for both football and men’s basketball.

Magpie (Paul)

  • Not on twitter, but here he is on Instagram and Youtube
  • Magpie Walkingstick Waters has lived in six western states (five of which have MW Schools). He is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Sports has always been a part of his life, with basketball being one of his loves to both play and watch. He currently covers the University of Nevada Wolf Pack because it gives him a chance to not only follow the Pack but all of the teams in the MW. Writing gives him a great chance to learn from Coach Musselman and to see how he guides his program.


  • @tdickens13
  • The newest member of our team (though he wrote for the site in the past), Terrance will be bringing a presence to Colorado State coverage. He attended CSU, studying communication, information science and technology, as well as a journalism discipline. This allowed him to take classes like news writing, digital photography, digital video editing, new communication technologies and societies and media ethics and issues.


  • @MrCped
  • Christian covers SDSU football in the fall when he’s not busy with his actual job, which is being a journalist. He hosts the San Diego Prep Insider on Fox Sports San Diego and offers top coverage for high school athletes in the area.

Follow all of us on Twitter at our respective handles, as well as the site account, @MWCConnection.

Also, please leave some comments about what content you would like to see on the site going forward.