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What If Josh Allen Is Actually Really Good?

Mountain West Fans Should Be Cheering For Josh Allen

Wyoming v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Josh Allen has a legit chance of going number one overall in the upcoming NFL draft. Seriously, number freaking one. In Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft (and all of his mock drafts to be fair) he has the Browns drafting Josh Allen first overall. The mere idea of Allen going number one has created an internet super-storm of hate towards Allen. Many wondering how a quarterback with a sub 60 percent completion percentage could ever go number one, some people are already declaring him a bust.

But… What if instead of flaming out and underperforming Allen is actually really good? What if all of these NFL coaches, scouts, and GM’s know something we don’t (no way right?) and Allen turns out to be a home-run, franchise QB for the Browns? Wouldn’t that be the best for the Mountain West?

The reason I pose this question is because they majority of the hate I see directed at Mr. Allen online is from Mountain West fans. Granted – the majority of them were getting lit-up by Allen during his tenure at Wyoming so they’ve grown accustomed to hating on him, but the time for that has passed right? Now, all Mountain West fans should be cheering for Allen to not only go high in the draft, but to succeed once he gets there, right?

Captain Obvious says: “the more good players the Mountain West puts in the NFL, the better the league looks…” Thank you, Captain Obvious. It is true, however. Want your favorite Mountain West team to be able to recruit better? Then you should be rooting for Josh Allen to succeed. If Allen can be drafted number one, out of WYOMING -aka the middle of nowhere- then your coach will be able to use that in the living room of every high school athlete they talk to. “If Josh can do it, so can you.”

Maybe I am in the minority on this subject, maybe the majority of Mountain West fans don’t care, and want to see him fail the next level. Wouldn’t be the first time I have held a minority opinion. I am curious however, to see where the Mountain West faithful fall, so answer in the poll below.

Will you be cheering for Josh Allen to succeed at the next level?


Will You Be Cheering For Josh Allen to Succeed in the NFL?

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