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Mountaintop View 3-27-18

New Mexico players, academics, and women’s college basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another list of links. Check out what is going on around the conference and beyond.

Former UNM QB is still pursuing his dream of playing professional football.

Austin Apodaca is still trying to live his dream. After being cut by his Canadian Football League team, he will now take his talents to the Spring League. Apodaca will be a part of practices and a few games over a 17 day period where he will showcase his talents for NFL, CFL, and Arena scouts.

Another former Lobo gets an NFL tryout.

The Miami Dolphins had many, many items on their to-do list to improve upon last season. Somewhere on the list is finding a kicker and they are conducting try outs for the spot. One of those who have worked out for the team is former New Mexico Lobo kicker Jason Sanders.

Hawaii and UNLV taking care of academics.

The Rebels athletic department placed 52 student-athletes on the fall academic conference teams. The football team scored a record best 26. The Rainbow Warriors had 20 football members on the team. Props to both of those schools for developing players in the classroom this past year.

What’s wrong with women’s college sports?

A great read that first takes on the notion that the UConn women’s basketball team is somehow bad for the sport. Then it moves into what is really the issue with women’s college sports: the lack of media coverage by the male dominated sports media world.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A look Colorado State’s new grad transfer
  • Coming Wednesday: What’s the point of a Junior Day anyway?
  • Coming Thursday: A Q&A with Casey Joplin, the recruiting guy over at OBNUG