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Mountaintop View 3-26-18

Gonzaga talk, Frank Ginda, and the five people you meet in every spring ball.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

You should know the drill by now. Monday morning brings many things both enjoyable and unpleasant. One of those things is our Monday morning links. So take a look:

More Gonzaga talk: Things could be decided over the next two week.

Dennis Dodd discusses how talks are occurring and those talks do not involved BYU. He also references the timelines of Wichita State and Butler both made announcements in late March and joined their new conferences the following season. This figures to be the talk of the internet sports world over the next few weeks.

Ginda injured in car accident days before Spartan Pro Day.

Frank Ginda isn’t fazed by much. He has been overlooked out of high school and although he led the nation in tackles, he was snubbed at the combine. This time around, he wasn’t about to let a hit-and-run car accident last week stop him from competing in the San Jose State Pro Day.

In honor of spring ball: The 5 people in every spring camp (from the main site).

A peak off-season article, but funny nonetheless. Read about every new strength coach, the QBs competing for the starting spot, and the new DC, no matter which school you are a fan of. If you like coach speak and cliches, this is for you.

Broncos’ Richardson named #2 Group of 5 player to watch

On the horizon:

  • From the weekend: Hawaii’s spring preview and SJSU’s Pro Day coverage, plus their Spring Game coverage.
  • Later today: our weekly MWC Recruiting Roundup.