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Mountaintop View 3-2-18

Football schedules, conference expansion, boycotting games?

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Stumbling to the weekend, we’ve made it to Friday. If you need some reading to get you through 5:00pm, read away!

The MWC 2018 Football Schedule Is Here!!!

Check out the schedule of your favorite team. Circle the rivalry games. Make your plans now to attend a big game. Get excited that football will exist again soon.

The second biggest news in the MWC, conference expansion?!?!

Yesterday we highlighted the rumor that has the biggest legs, Gonzaga possibly joining the MWC. This article discusses the possibility of BYU following along with them, in order to form a west coast powerhouse basketball conference.

Could there ever be a CFB scandal to the level of the one going on in MBB?

Spoiler alert: Yes. But does it matter? Will it blow up to basketball level proportions?

Players Boycotting the Final Four? Someone thinks they should

Jay Williams, the former Duke star, national champion, and #2 pick in the draft (by my Chicago Bulls no less) made twitter waves on Wednesday when he suggested players should sit out of the Final Four to make a statement.

NIT to use experimental rules in tournament