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Mountaintop View 3/15/18

Other things besides the madness

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Hawaii QB’s walk-on story

Hunter Hughes really didn’t play much but gets a chance on pro-day. He also has a very unusual and enriching life path. A little more on Hunter...

UNLV reeking of arrogance?

One Las Vegas columnist vents on the skewed reality of the Rebel’s coach and AD. Someone’s mad.

The Air Force Duck Hawks

The Falcon’s new mascot is technically an Anatum Peregrine, but historically, it use to be called a Duck Hawk, which sounds more endearing, right?

The latest experimental rules at the NIT didn’t help

A deeper 3-point line, an NBA-width lane, four 10-minute quarters were some differences that probably effected Boise’s efforts in their first round NIT loss against the Washington Huskies.

Nevada’s sixth man

The Howlers are part of the Wolf Pack’s trusty sixth-man group who’re joining them on Nevada’s March run. Hopefully, Wolf Pack will make it past the first round this year.