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Mountaintop View 3-12-18

March Madness, spring ball, and more conference realignment talk.

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We are back at it with another Monday morning. Get caught up on some of the latest news across the conference. This includes March Madness, spring ball, and conference expansion talk. Take a look:

Boise, ID hosting some big-names in first round

Boise and the Taco Bell Arena landed perhaps the best group of teams coming to their Thursday and Saturday games. They somehow have Kentucky, Arizona, Ohio State and Gonzaga for one and maybe two games for some/all these teams. The other four are Davidson, Buffalo, UNC Greensboro and South Dakota State.

UNLV Spring Ball Updates

This article mainly highlights true freshman QB Kenyon Oblad being on campus for spring ball. While he isn’t expected to see the field this year, the extra spring practices will only help him moving forward in his career. Also, an OL player is lost to surgery while a top WR is finally healthy.

More Becky Hammon news

By all accounts, there is lots of mutual interest between Hammon and CSU. Unfortunately, there are still gender hurdles and stigma to overcome to allow this hire to happen. It is unknown where she ranks on the list of candidates, but Hammon is easily the biggest story on the list of potential coaches.

How Gonzaga and BYU are intertwined in conference realignment

This makes it sound like the conference is negotiating with Gonzaga separately, but that would turn into a play-play move where BYU would have little leverage if they were to negotiate with the MWC, which could force talks of them returning in football as well as their other sports. Also, there would be little benefit by staying in the WCC. Gonzaga makes too much sense for the MWC to not try everything possible to get them in. There will be more on that this week.

Boise State starts spring ball tomorrow. Here’s their offensive and defensive previews.

For the Broncos, their biggest questions seem to be: Who will step up and emerge among the wide receiver group? And can the defense pick up where they left off without the MWC DPOTY in Vander Esch?

On the horizon:

  • From yesterday: Some notes and pictures from San Jose State’s spring ball
  • Later today: the weekly MWC Recruiting Roundup, with an interview from our featured recruit this week.