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Spartan Spring Football: Week 0.1

A lot of sun, a little rain & old-fashioned gridiron work

Photo by: Vic Aquino |

The weekday practices saw a lot of great weather. Former players, on their own successful paths, showed up to offer advice and support. There was some intense mano a mano drills. And...those scholarship offers were still being thrown out like an Oprah giveaway.

Saturday saw cloud cover and rain, but it didn’t hinder the lively scrimmage atmosphere. Fans crowded the sidelines on the practice field. Legendary alumni, James Jones, gave his pitch and support to the team. Athletic Director, Marie Tuite, made her showing and a number of the incoming recruits made their rounds.

The scrimmage itself was definitely more a defensive showing. The front was flying around making pseudo sacks and bringing pressure, while the backfield was mostly successful defending passes and cutting down edge runs. The highlight was a forced fumble and a long cavalry return into the end zone.

Though it’s only Spring, the offense will tighten up. Receivers had more than a few bobbles and drops. Some of the QBs are probably more of aware of the footwork needed to help avoid self takedowns in slippery conditions and to help improve accuracy.

Next week is already the middle of the Spring ball session - it certainly goes fast! As the need to learn and improve ratchets up, Coach Brennan will likely continue ramping up the urgency and certainly, his staff is likely contemplating their initial depth charts and chess pieces for the upcoming season.

Image gallery from the Week 0.1 scrimmage for the Spartan die-hards:)