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Mountaintop View 2-6-18

Academics, transfer-rules, and... cookie cake?

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Ah Tuesday, the calm before the storm that is National Signing Day. If you need something to read before the flurry of information, news, and tweets that will be here when the sun rises tomorrow, we have you covered below:

Nevada taking care of business in the classroom.

All teams in the Wolfpack have taken their academics seriously, resulting in a 3.057 GPA across all the athletic teams for the fall semester. In all the fascination over on the field success and development, it is easy to forget or push aside the fact that these players are still students. As the commercial from a few years back suggest, “most of these athletes will be going pro in something other than athletics”, so props to them for taking care of business in the classroom.

For better or worse, the transfer proposal is gaining some steam

Being able to leave if a coach leaves, but not able to follow the coach is a good start to this rule. However, there is still a lot of variables to consider. MWCConnection wrote a bit about transferring issues a few weeks ago. In short, empowering the student athlete is a good thing. However, without thinking through scenarios, it opens the door for bigger schools to continue recruiting college players. And is a free for all transfer when a coach leaves a good thing for the program or for football? For example, if every player from Arizona transferred after RichRod was fired, how far back would that put the program? Even if half the players transferred? It’s slippery slope. But change is coming.

Recruits love cookie cake? Apparently

Who knew that cookie cake was the go-to food recruiting tactic? Read about how that came to be and how certain things associated with it can become a recruiting violation. Recruiting is weird sometimes.

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