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Mountaintop View 2-5-18

Mental illness, horses, medical issues, and basically every football off-season ever.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just another manic Monday. Start your week off the right way by catching up on all the latest news and stories around the Mountain West Conference, and beyond...

SBNation CFP site with the most accurate offseason article

It’s humorous but also pretty accurate. It’s a worthwhile read as we enter prime offseason for football. Month by month will go by and before we know it, fall camp will be upon us. Articles like these will make the next 6 months a bit easier to endure.

Former Boise State star trying to get life back on track.

It’s been a sad fall for former Boise State star WR Titus Young, who had a short and storied 2 year NFL career with the Lions. This is a window into mental illness and something that should be discussed more. Here’s hoping Titus can continue to make steady progress. Also, here’s a deeper look from the local Idaho Statesman that go a bit further into his time at Boise State.

Is there anything Leon Rice won’t do for a sellout?

He has already wading across the Boise river for their game against San Diego State. Rice was at it again this week as he delivered on his promise on riding a horse across campus for the now sellout game against UNLV. Apparently he already has another trick up his sleeve for the upcoming Valentine’s Day home game against Nevada (which is a must-win for the Broncos’ at-large hopes). Will he dress up as cupid? Who knows what to expect from the coach who ate fire last year.

HS Coach with cancer decides to keep coaching

Diagnosed with an incurable Stage IV Lyphoma are the words no one wants to hear. However, it sounds like Coach Maberry is doing all he can to prepare for and overcome his on and off the field opponents. Cancer is another hurdle to overcome for him and thus far, he is pulling off the upset.

Navy coach’s son receives a new heart

In a bit of extremely good news around college football, Jarren Jasper, son of Navy OC Ivin, got a new heart and things seem to be going quite well for everyone. As the article details, all of college football is coming together in support of Jarren and the Jasper family.

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Our final MWC Recruiting Roundup before NLI day this Wednesday
  • Wednesday: Our thread of which players have signed with which teams. Expect a surprise or two around the conference.
  • There is lots of recruiting coverage coming in February: The top 10 recruits in the MWC 2018 Class, the All MWC Recruit Team and JUCO Recruit Team, our final MWC Recruiting Rankings will be coming your way over the next week. Then, we will break down every team over the rest of the month.