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2018 Recruiting Breakdown: Wyoming

Did the Cowboys find the type of players who will fit their system?

NCAA Football: Potato Bowl-Central Michigan vs Wyoming Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Wyoming is a football program that is very similar to San Diego State when it comes to recruiting. An outsider may look at their class and think it’s full of some solid players but overall doesn’t have anyone with that “wow factor”. Then in three to four years later many of those unknown recruits develop into some of the better players in the conference. This is because, like the Aztecs, the Cowboys do a great job at identifying players who fit their system very well and perhaps do an even better job developing those players. For them, the players in the system often overachieve compared to what the individual talent could do. How does this year’s group measure up? Check it out below.

The Skinny:

  • 23 recruits signed
  • 9 offensive, 14 defensive
  • 5 players in this class were listed at 3-stars by either Rivals or 247.
  • Breakdown by state: 11 California, 4 Colorado, 2 Illinois, 2 Wyoming, 1 Wisconsin, 1 Utah, 1 Oregon, 1 Texas

QB Sean Chambers

  • highlights
  • Chambers has the potential to be a great, all-conference type of quarterback. He’s big and athletic (remind you of another quarterback or two?) and Bohl’s track record for developing QBs speaks for itself. He has a very strong arm, capable of throwing the deep ball quite well. Chambers can also run, where he is difficult to tackle. He should do very well in this system

RB Jevon Bigelow

  • highlights
  • The first thing to notice from watching Bigelow’s tape is he is a big-play, touchdown threat every time he touches the ball. He finds holes quickly and hits his top speed, and he’s at his best as a cut-and-go back. He also doesn’t go down on the first hit very often. Another thing that sticks out is Bigelow put up this production in a 1-running back system and may be able to be even more successful with a fullback blocking in front of him.

WR Gunner Gentry

  • highlights
  • Gentry compliments the other two well players in this position as he appears to be a potential big play type of wide receiver. Tall with some speed, he can line up in multiple spots and is dangerous after he makes a catch. Gentry can run a variety of routes, both down the sideline and over the middle of the field.

WR Camron Donatlan

  • highlights
  • A classic “raw athlete” due to playing three sports in high school, Donatlan’s best days of football are ahead of him as he will be able to concentrate on solely wide receiver at Wyoming. With a great combination of size and speed, he’s extremely hard for defenders to bring down with just one person. Donatlan could succeed as a do-it-all type of receiver, as he can run traditional routes and carry the ball out of the backfield on jet sweeps or even line up as a running back.

WR Raghib “Rocket” Ismail Jr

  • highlights
  • Ismail has noticeable speed and athleticism as a wide receiver. He has great hands that allows him to make some difficult catches and he is able to rack up lots of yards after the catch. At first glance, he looks like an ideal slot receiver, but spent a lot of time on the outside in high school, which is beneficial given the Cowboys traditional 2 back, 2 wide receiver offense. Still, Ismail will give Bohl the type of offensive player he doesn’t normally have.

TE Jackson Marcotte

  • highlights
  • Marcotte has incredible size, even for a tight end, and will be a consistent mismatch no matter who the opposition is. He displays great hands and a huge catch radius. While not the fastest, he balances that out a bit by running good routes and finding the holes in coverage. Marcotte will be a major weapon at the TE position.

OL Frank Crum

  • highlights
  • Crum is quick off the snap and he uses his momentum and strength well on his blocks. When he’s run-blocking, he delivers blows that often knock defenders off their feet and smothering defenders where they aren’t able to move anywhere. In pass-protection, Crum moves backwards well and keeps his head moving to identify where rushers are coming from.

OL Zach Watts

  • highlights
  • Watts has a lean strong frame with lots of room to add weight, which will be good for him as he figures to be a future tackle. He attacks his blocks very well, initiating contact and stays nice and low when delivering blocks. Watts does a great job driving players back and it’s clear he has a nice combination of strength and technique as a lineman.

OL Blayne Baker

  • highlights
  • A two-way player in high school, Baker has great size as well as mobility. That mobility was utilized well in his high school system, as he routinely was brought out to be a key blocker on screens or else pull into the second level on running plays. Baker will likely be a key lineman in the Cowboys power run game.

DT Mario Mora

  • highlights
  • Mora played both ways as a defensive tackle and tight end in high school, so it’s evident that the athleticism is there. He plays with a very high motor, is quick off the snap and able to beat blockers with ease. While he has the speed and agility to make a good pass-rusher on the outside, Mora will be great on the inside as both a run-stopper and pass-rusher.

DT Cole Godbout

  • highlights
  • Godbout makes his living in the backfield, getting off of blocks without any problems. He does this with surprising quickness, often running right past potential blockers or else making a quick jab and changing directions. Godbout is a great tackler who usually his whole body to deliver hits and wraps up nicely.

DE Solomon Byrd

  • highlights
  • Pain and simple, Byrd is a pass-rusher. He displays a variety of moves but his best seems to be his speed. He has a high-mortor and isn’t afraid to chase scrambling quarterbacks from one side of the field to the other in order to make a play. Byrd is also strong enough to fight through blocks and can make plays even when being held or double teamed.

DE De’Vaughn Brown

  • highlights
  • Brown is quite the athlete, being featured all over the field on special teams and defense in high school. He was quick and versatile, able to rush the passer and drop back into coverage depending on what was needed. Brown is a lean, strong player who has a high-ceiling as he will be under the watch of a great coaching staff.

LB Chad Muma

  • highlights
  • Muma is as hard of a hitter as they come. He has tremendous game speed and flies around all over the field to make plays. As a tackler, he wraps up very well and not many will be able to break his tackles. Muma does pretty well in coverage and should succeed as a WILL linebacker in college.

LB Charles Hicks

  • highlights
  • Hicks is a mobile, athletic linebacker who can play in coverage or against the run. He does a really nice job of watching the quarterback, reading plays and reacting accordingly to ensure he is in good position. Hicks looks great as a SAM linebacker where he can be in more of a play-making position, blitzing or covering in the slot.

LB Leevi Lafaele

  • highlights
  • Lafaele is another athletic linebacker who is capable of causing havoc on offensive lines as he uses his speed to get by blockers and into the backfield. He’s at his best as a pass-rusher which allows him to make good use of his mobility and quickness. Lafaele gives the Cowboys three solid linebackers for the future.

CB Rome Weber

  • highlights
  • Weber is a great athlete at the corner position, although he has the capability of playing multiple positions. He’s a typical ball-hawk type of defender and plays very tight man coverage. He reads plays well and jumps routes even better. Weber also has the speed and vision to do well as a returner.

CB Jalani Ellison

  • highlights
  • Playing well at both wide receiver and cornerback in high school, the plan is to develop him as wide receiver. He’s very physical and isn’t afraid to make a hit on someone. He possesses great speed which enables him to recover if he gets beat and also play off a bit in coverage while still be able to close on a pass. Ellison is a high-ceiling type of athlete who should develop into a big play-maker for the Cowboys.

DB Miles Williams

  • highlights
  • A two-way athlete, Williams will be making plays going forward as a defensive back. He's a physical player, he plays tough coverage on receivers. He follows the track of the ball well and gets his body in good position to make a play on the ball. Williams has the quickness and footwork to match wide outs stride for stride and doesn’t allow them much separation.

DB Cameron Murray

  • highlights
  • Murray will have the benefit of being a high school quarterback who will be a defensive back in college. This will give him a knowledge of how offenses work and attempt to attack defenses as well as the ability to see the field and developing plays/routes quickly. In coverage, Murray closes in on plays nicely and is able to play the ball well.

DB Dauson Booker

  • highlights
  • Booker will bring nice size into the backfield down the line for the Cowboys. He’s mobile and sees the field well, often coming from outside of the play in order to make a tackle. When tackles very well, hitting hard and wrapping up nicely. Booker’s talent should fit nicely into the safety position for the Cowboys.

ATH Reow Jackson

  • highlights
  • Jackson was featured on both sides of the ball in high school, both as a quarterback as well as a safety. He’s a solid runner with the ball in his hands and as a passer he's accurate and goes through his reads quickly. Whether running or passing, his vision may be his best and most universal trait, as he can read defenses and react accordingly, knowing where the ball needs to go.

LS Jesse Hooper

  • highlights
  • It’s not often a long-snapper is offered a full-ride scholarship, so needless to say Hooper is one of the best at his position. His snaps are accurate and quick, and most importantly, consistent. He’s not just there to snap either, as his highlight film shows him running down after the punt to do his part in limiting the return yards.

Headliner(s): Mora, Chambers, Bigelow

Talented enough to play right away: Mora, Marcotte, Byrd, Muma, Ellison

Sleeper Recruit(s): Hicks, Donatlan

Best unit: The linebacker unit looks especially athletic and skilled.


Although the Cowboy’s class (and really any team’s class) can’t fully be evaluated at this point, it’s safe to say Bohl and his coaches were able to do it again. They added some intriguing skills players on offense, including their templates for the QB and RB positions, as well as some weapons at WR and TE who have skill sets the Cowboys may have not had before. Overall, it’s a very balanced class, with every position checked off the list and a good number of both athletes in addition to players with lots of football skills. Although this class is ranked 10th in the MWCConnection Team Rankings, they are in many ways closer to 8th than they are 11th.

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