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Mountaintop View 2/22/18

Aztec Ghost Town, Josh Allen shows off, Sparta bball #1

Mountain West Logo Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Sparta basketball is an admirable #1 here

Basketball in Sparta is pretty tough nowadays, but they continue to grind and learn regardless. Here’s something positive where they are #1 basketball-wise:)

It’s an enjoyable Ghost Town for the Aztecs

Aztec Spring football is commencing but they’re practicing in an NFL “Ghost Town” that the old-timers hate but the players enjoy.

Josh Allen

Some people really get nerdy with stats and some people get really giddy with plain ol’ strength and athleticism. How about former Wyoming Cowboy, Josh Allen, showing he can throw a lot farther than you on his knees!

Bronco’s best hardwood win is the Ram’s worst

Bronco’s biggest road win in recent years is the Rams worst home loss in its recent years on top of Colorado’s management woes.

MWC Player of the Week is a Freshman

You gotta love it when a Freshman gets MWC Player of the Week honors. Hard-working San Diego Aztec forward, Jalen McDaniels, surprised even himself with his level of play in his first season.