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Mountaintop View 2-19-18

Roll makes a watch list, a true hero, and no more Taco Bell?

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Your Monday morning links to get you through the start of the week:

Best Coaches Under 40...

Hawaii’s own Nick Rolovich cracks the list at #9. They cite his strong playing experience, recruiting classes, and the offensive improvement under his watch as reasons why.

No more Taco Bell... Arena.

Boise State has been playing their home games in the Taco Bell Arena (TBA) since 2004, but that naming rights deal with come to an end after next year. Thoughts on the next name? In-N-Out Arena? Kentucky Friend Center? The Waffle House House?

The Latest on the transfer rule...

Sounds like they are working through some of the exceptions or common questions. Here’s some examples:

This will be the most likely be the most interesting talk of the offseason.

Tragically, Aaron Feis passed away from the Parkland, Florida shooting.

He was shot shielding students. He’s a hero. The world is bigger than football.

MWC Draft Prospect Getting Lots of Praise

On the horizon:

  • Later today: the MWC Recruiting Roundup will be posted.
  • This week: Our Recruiting Breakdown series continues with #s 5-9, with one premiering each day.