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Mountaintop View 2-12-18

Football investigations, basketball investigations, and a funny article from the mothership.

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

There’s lots of news happening around the Mountain West conference these days. Here are a few links to help you appease your appetite:

Davie is in trouble in New Mexico, but he isn’t aware, at least publicly.

This one has been boiling up for months and has spilled over into this. While the investigation committee couldn’t find anything clear, it did result in a 30 day suspension without pay for him. This announcement “coincidently” comes right after Signing Day, and although they have apparently started spring practices over in New Mexico, the timing of the suspension coming in the offseason also makes it a bit light considering the allegations.

On the other hand, things get messier in Fort Collins as players boycott.

The MBB players had enough on Thursday, frustrated at the lack of communication from the AD and took matters into their own hands by boycotting practice. I won’t pretend that I know all the details of the situation or that I would know how to handle everything going on. However, communicating with the players and keeping them as happy as possibly should be some of the top goals here.

Add recruiting stars to the list of things Rocky Long doesn’t believe in. But he may have a bit of an argument on this one.

He references NFL-bound Rashaad Penny, who Long says was a 2-star recruit (Penny was a 3-star on Rivals FWIW) and transformed into one of the best RBs in the country this season. Recruiting services don’t get them all right. There are always guys who are off the radar or underrated. A lot of the evaluations happen at the regional camps, but overall get most of them right. Here Long discuss Zidane Thomas, who will probably be the next great SDSU RB, as well as other recruits in his new class.

16 Types of people who tweet at recruits.

This article is from the main site. And sadly, it’s very accurate. Which one is the most annoying to you? Which one have you been in the past? #5 is the most annoying to me personally. Bottom line: don’t tweet at recruits.

On the Horizon:

  • Later today: The first Recruiting Roundup for the 2019 class, which lists all the offers coaches have been handing out. Also, our Team Recruiting Rankings for the newly signed 2018 class.
  • Tuesday-Friday: Team Breakdowns on the top 4 teams from our recruiting rankings. We will post a new one every weekday, which will basically last until the end of February.
  • Coming up: A closer look at the MWC players going into the NFL Combine, potential hires for the CSU MBB coach, and a look at the potential implications of the Davie suspension and allegations.