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Mountaintop View 12-31-18

Wolf Pack close out bowl season, coach drives 19 hours to take players home, and more.

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-Arkansas State vs Nevada Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the last Mountaintop View post of 2018. I know, it’s a monumental occasion to be sure. With that out of the way, take a look at what we have for you today.

Nevada gets a, wraps up MWC bowl season.

Much of the game wasn’t very exciting. The teams traded punts and struggled to get much offense going. But the end of the 4th quarter and the overtimes made for an exciting finish. The Wolf Pack trailed most of the game but scored a late TD and then converted a 3rd down TD for the win. One of their walk-ons, WR Ben Putnam, made a huge play and was immediately awarded a scholarship after the game.

Cowboys Young burns redshirt, hits game-winner.

What an introduction to college basketball for Wyoming freshman Trace Young. The staff had just decided a few days ago to burn his redshirt and in an early and small sample size, it appears the move is already providing benefits to the team. This will be a nice boost as they enter conference play.

Rams recognized.

Five Colorado State players were named to the all-state first or second team, according to the Colorado Chapter of the National Football Foundation (NFFCC). The five are: Punter Ryan Stonehouse, linebacker Josh Watson, wide receiver Preston Williams, while tight end Cameron Butler and linebacker Tre Thomas.

Coach drove 19 hours to take players home after Dallas storm.

It was bad enough a bowl game got cancelled. To make matters worse, the storm didn’t let up and many players (and media) had a rough time getting home. Many flights were delayed, some were cancelled. STUDs coach Spencer Danielson rented a car and drove five players home. Home was in the San Diego area and they were in Dallas. The drive spanned 19 hours and they were in a truck, and played the Green Door game. Some other interesting travel stories as well.

Boise State makes a one-team list, still feels hallow.

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