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MWC Recruiting Roundup 12-3-18

Catch up on the MWC recruiting news of the week, there is A LOT

UNLV v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Last week it was stated that big things recruiting-wise were coming our way in December. Well, it’s December and here it is. 10 of the 12 MWC conference schools were out conducting in-home visits with recruits. The two who weren’t? Boise State and Fresno State, who instead devoted the week to preparing for the MWC Championship game.

Still, there was a ton of recruiting updates over the past week and that figures to be the case until signing day on December 19th. At the time of this writing, there were 25 new offers, 4 new commitments and at least 12 known visitors. UNLV led the way this week with five visitors and two new commits, so they take the photo banner.

Visit Recaps

JUCO OL Tanner Hawthorne (New Mexico)

“The trip was good. Great facilities, great people on the coaching staff! I believe the program will be on the rise in the near future. Had a lot in common with them. Coaches have experience; they’ve been there for 7 years and they’re bringing in guys who can make a difference and I feel like they have a chip on their shoulders like Coach Davie says. So this upcoming season to them is personal and they have a lot to prove. I have some time left in the process to figure out what’s best. UNM was first visit, next up is southern miss , and later is New Mexcio state. San Diego State and La Tech are in the picture also.”

DB Austin Fiaseu (UNLV)

“Amazing. The highlight was definitely the hard hat tour in the new ferttita football complex. It was great hanging out with the other commits. The family environment was there for sure. I’ve met some of them over twitter, but meeting them for the first time in real life was great as well. We talked a lot of football and the future. What we would like to do to help this team and what we made us commit. And me and the other commits tried to get the only two non committed players on that visit to commit as well. Excited about our class coming in; they’re all big time studs where they’re from. The coaches have been upfront with us. We’ve been told to be prepared to sacrifice in our pursuit to greatness. They have a GATA mindset there and want us all to have that mentality to compete. And they have a high standard on getting our degree and becoming better young men.”

OL Garrett Beckman (UNLV)

“It was amazing! Love everything about UNLV and all the guys that came with me on this visit are all now officially committed so it was awesome to get to know all those guys. Besides that it was being with the coaches and being especially with Coach Justice and the knowledge he has for the game and how easy it is to get to know him. It really does feel like home. I mean we can go from talking to football to talking about my girlfriend and his wife. He’s just a super open guy and a guy that everyone wants to be around. It’s great!”

Commitment Spotlight

CB Nehemiah Shird (Utah State)

“The most appealing thing to me was the nature and the scenery surrounding the school, nature is a lot different down in Utah compared to Washington state. The students and people seem very nice and welcoming. The type of culture around the school tends to seem very supportive and dedicated to their sports teams, which was a main factor in my decision. Along with that they offer intended major(Sociology). As far as social media goes, they seem to be very supportive just based off of how much I see their athletics in the feed and the comments from USU students and alumni, from sports such as football to boys and girls basketball. I received a lot of messages after my commitment from numerous USU students welcoming me to the family and congratulating me. Currently it’s PWO, but more could be in the works. I’ve been recruited by Coach Collins to play corner; my main strength in that position is my man coverage, usually a soft press or cover 2 using a press-bail technique.”

OL Leif Fautanu (UNLV)

“I think that the one on ones with my position coach (Coach Justice) was great. I have seen what he can do to really help me develop as a player and where I can be in the next few years after college ball. Also the new facilities that are coming up very fast. I’ve seen the virtual reality of what buildings are going to look like and it looks like it is going to be great! Well I love run blocking it is so fun pancaking people and the UNLV scheme is heavy run so I fit into that category of their scheme with running the ball. I’m being recruited to play center, but I can move wherever needed. I am also a technician; I like to perfect counters to any pass rush or move that the DLine uses. I also can move such as pooling across the line either way.”

JUCO OL Ryan Tatum (UNLV)

“The atmosphere, the school, coaches and most of all the opportunity to be apart of something great! I love being close to home and there wasn’t one negative thing I got from my visit! I feel playing under Coach Garin Justice will help me become the best I can be! Coach Sanchez does a great job and loved everything about my official visit! I’m excited. Coach Justice is just great and can’t wait to have him at a coach. His background, knowledge, character, and sense of humor. From what I’ve seen he wants the best out of all his guys! He’s developed guys to be great offensive linemen! He wants me to be an all around player and get me to the best I can be!! And playing tackle will be my primary position as of right now!”

Recruiting Updates


  • WR Zach Nelson was offered by Air Force
  • LB Decarleon Townsend was offered by Air Force
  • 2020 DB Kaonohi Kaniho was offered by Boise State
  • LB Matthew Tyrique was offered by Colorado State
  • Jimmy Calloway was offered by Colorado State
  • WR Dayton Wade was offered by Colorado State
  • DB Vincent Tucker was offered by Colorado State
  • JUCO LB Vic Viramontes was offered by Hawaii
  • JUCO DB Korey Perry was offered by Hawaii
  • OL/DL Nicholas Peck was offered by New Mexico
  • RB Isaiah Holiness was offered by New Mexico
  • CB Logan Wilson was offered by New Mexico
  • OL Craig McFarland was offered by New Mexico
  • Kenyon Reed was offered by New Mexico
  • Jacobi Hearn was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO LB Quinn Perry was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO CB Kaleb Ford-Dement was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO OL Tanner Hawthorne was offered by New Mexico
  • QB Joe Green was offered by SDSU
  • Kyle Trombley was offered by SDSU
  • DE Daniel Tootoo was offered by SDSU
  • 2020 ATH Elijah Jackson was offered by SJSU
  • LB Shomari Hayes was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO DB Aaron Lewis was offered by UNLV
  • RB Marshawn Buchanan was offered by Utah State
  • JUCO WR Keric Wheatfall was offered by Utah State


  • ATH Jorden Gidrey committed to Air Force
  • JUCO DB Jerrick Reed committed to New Mexico
  • JUCO OL Ryan Tatum committed to UNLV
  • OL Leif Fautanu committed to UNLV
  • CB Nehemiah Shird committed to Utah State (PWO)
  • ATH Isaiah Abdullah committed to Wyoming
  • ATH Parker Christensen committed to Wyoming
  • WR Alex Brown committed to Wyoming


  • JUCO TE Raymond Pauwels visited Boise State
  • RB Aidan Robbins visited CSU
  • LB Tiger Peterson visited Hawaii
  • WR/DB Tye Moore visited New Mexico
  • JUCO OL Ahina Aitogi visited New Mexico
  • JUCO DB Eric Cuffee visited New Mexico
  • JUCO OL Tanner Hawthorne visited New Mexico
  • OL Garrett Beckman visited UNLV
  • TE Rahmod Smith visited UNLV
  • DB Austin Fiaseu visited UNLV
  • LB Kyle Beaudry visited UNLV
  • OL Leif Fautanu visited UNLV
  • LB Easton Gibbs visited Wyoming

In-home Visits:

Air Force:

  • Coach Calhoun visited RB/DB John Eldridge, DB Brandon Richard, OL Reece Azam, QB Luc Andrada
  • Coach Vanderlinden visited LB Brad Roberts
  • Coach Knoff visited TE Caden Blum

Colorado State:

  • Coach Lewis visited CB Xavier Goldsmith
  • Coach Letson and Coach Gibson visited JUCO LB Vic Viramontes


  • Coach Smith and Coach Stutzmann visited QB Boone Abbott
  • Coach Ghobi visited QB Zach Daniel


  • Coach Norvell and Coach McClure visited DL Logan Arnold
  • Coach Norvell and Coach Scott visited WR Melquan Stovall

New Mexico:

  • visited Saguaro HS
  • Coach Peterson visited JUCO CB Emmanuel Dabney
  • Coach Cosgrove and Coach Peterson visited Jaylen Pate

San Diego State:

  • Coach Horton and Coach Cooper visited Kyron White
  • Coach McGarry and Coach Arnett visited CB KJ Trujillo
  • Coach Deakin visited TE Anthony Landphere

San Jose State:

  • Coach Carter and Coach Bojay visited Contra Costa College
  • visited Saguaro HS
  • Coach Bernardi visited OL Jelani Newman
  • 3 coaches visited DB Stan Livingstone Jr


  • Coach Sanchez visited DE Matty Horne
  • Coach Sanchez and Coach Justice visited OL Garrett Beckman
  • Coach Burkett visited Courtney Reese
  • Coach Brown and Coach Skipper visited JUCO LB Vic Viramontes

Utah State:

  • visited Mayfair HS
  • Coach Wells and Coach Yost visited QB Josh Calvin
  • Coach Smith visited TE Skylar Loving-Black


  • Coach Bohl visited WR Mekel Ealy
  • Coach Bohl visited Jaylen Pate
  • Coach Bohl visited OL/DL Taylor Poitier
  • visited LB JC Sparks
  • visited Chaparral HS


  • Nicolas Child decommitted from Air Force

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