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Mountain West Connection NY6 Picks

Our team takes a look at the biggest games of the bowl season

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The team at Mountain West Connection takes a look at the biggest bowl games of the season and makes our predictions.

Peach Bowl (Florida vs. Michigan)

Zach: Really...this game again. Nobody wanted to see this. This is the least interesting game on the NY6 slate. But I will go with the Wolverines. Michigan 24- Florida 14.

Mike: I really haven’t put much thought into this one, I’ll admit. Mainly because I highly doubt I’ll be watching it. Michigan 28, Florida 17.

Alex: Okay fine I’ll admit it, I’m a Michigan fan. Have been since I was little. I’ve been through dark times. The losses to Ohio State, the App State loss, the botched punt vs Michigan State, the entire Rich Rod era. You know what doesn’t make it better? Constantly playing Florida over and over again. We could have played LSU and had an insane defensive battle but no, we get the Gators AGAIN. I’m a diehard Wolverines fan but I probably won’t even watch this. Michigan 35, Florida 18

FatDuckUW: Very good defenses. Okay offenses. I like Michigan to win. Florida 13, Michigan 23.

Tyler: I really don’t have much to say about this game other than Florida definitely doesn’t deserve a #10 ranking. They have shown some good flashes, but so has Michigan. I believe that defense has its time in the spotlight for both teams, but a turnover for Michigan puts them over the Gators. Florida 10, Michigan 21.

Cotton Bowl (Clemson vs. Notre Dame)

Zach: I’m just not sure that Notre Dame is really that good. But will the environment be too much for a Freshman quarterback. I think we are destined for another Clemson-Alabama championship. The Tigers are going to win this one in convincing fashion. Clemson 38-Notre Dame 21

Mike: This game however, I see being very good. Ian Book has done a great job making their offense dynamic, and Myles Boykin went to the same high school I did and is supposed to be a high character young man. That being said, I don’t like Notre Dame and objectively don’t think they will win this one (though they can). Clemson 42, Notre Dame 34.

Alex: What a surprise the Irish have been this year. Ian Book is the real deal, and the defense has talented players on every level. They’re a very good team with a ton of talent, but Clemson is on the same level as Alabama. That’s tough to beat. Clemson 41, Notre Dame 24

FatDuckUW: This will be a good game. Notre Dame will give Clemson a battle, but Clemson escapes with the win. Clemson 30, Notre Dame 27.

Tyler: Clemson is the real deal. If there’s one team that can challenge Alabama, it’s the Tigers. Great defensive line, great offense, great coaching. Clemson dominates Notre Dame. Clemson 52, Notre Dame 21.