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Mountaintop View 12-19-18

All about recruiting

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BYU v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

With the early signing period beginning today, schools will have the majority of their recruiting classes signed by the end of the day. Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news heading into early signing day with the links below.

Teams prepare for early signing day

Boise State

Colorado State


San Diego State


Recruiting to Group of 5 Schools vs Power 5 Schools

It’s no secret that a Group of 5 school is a tougher sell to make to a star recruit than a Power 5 school. Group of 5 schools often have smaller budgets, lesser facilities, smaller crowds, and less national exposure. The Athletic talks to a few coaches who have been at both schools to compare the increased difficulties Group of 5 schools face.

The recruiting calendar, explained

Ever been confused about the rules pertaining to recruiting? You’re not alone. SBNation provides a primer on the rules that coaches and prospects must follow to avoid recruiting violations. Read on to learn more about when coaches may speak to and visit recruits versus when it is prohibited.

Lessons learned from the first early signing period

The early signing period is brand new as of last year, so its effects on college football are still developing. Last year, most recruits signed early, but around 30% wait until February to commit to a school. The new rule has a mix of positive and negative impacts, depending on who you’re asking.

On the horizon:

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  • Today: San Diego State is in the Frisco Bowl
  • Coming Thursday: 2018 Hawaii Bowl: Three things to look for, Prediction
  • Coming Thursday: Lobos Basketball: Are they Jeckyll or Hyde
  • Coming Thursday: Part 1 of our series: The Recruiting Road So Far, featuring Boise State