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MWC Recruiting Roundup 12-10-18

ALL the recruiting news.

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What a weekend for Mountain West Conference recruiting! There were a total of 27 known official visitors, 11 known commitments, and 43 known offers. This is in addition to all of the in-home visits which occurred between coaching staffs and recruits. But it was Fresno State who had the biggest weekend, hosting the most visitors and landing two big commits from the visit as well. However, let’s cut to the chase. We have a load of quotes from recruits coming your way, so let’s get at it.

Commitment Spotlight

DE Jaylen Pate committed (Wyoming)

“They had pretty much already been my lead. Everybody asks me, what the heck is in Wyoming, and what I tell them is I feel comfortable there. It’s solid program with good, honest people who want me around and I want to be around them. So the honesty they showed me, comfort I felt there, and I’m going somewhere I was wanted. The coaches were glad when I called them. They said I made their day and they can’t wait to coach me up. I’ll be signing early and enrolling in the summer.”

OL Desmond Noel (Colorado State)

“One huge aspect for me to commit was that my position coach, Dave Johnson, who was also with me at Ohio University. I’m very familiar with how he teaches. His perspective on football and the way he teaches his players is unlike what I’ve ever seen. His approach is somewhat of an engineer, he is very detailed with everything he does and if I want to accomplish my ultimate goal of playing professional football then he is the type of coach I want Another thing is the update of facilities recently, I want to be at a place where I can take full advantage of my ability and CSU had everything I needed. Not to mention it’s a beautiful place. I got a family vibe from them which is very important to me. Every player I came into contact with had nothing but good things to say about the campus and the coaching staff. At the same time I get the vibe that this is a place of work and not a place of wasting time. With me only having two years left to accomplish my goal that was big. As far as the coaches and their plan for me all I can say is that we’re in agreement that I have the potential to come in and make a immediate impact on the offensive line. I’m just ready to come to Colorado to work as hard as I can and do what I can do for the team! I’ll make it in for the start of class in January.”

JUCO TE Juan Rodriguez (Fresno State)

“I liked the visit a lot! I could tell the players and coaches had really good relationships which really stood out to me. I could tell all the players really enjoyed playing together and for Coach Tedford and the rest of the coaching staff. From talking to the players and just being around the team I could tell that the coaches put the players first and that they really care about what’s going on with the players even outside of football, I feel like that builds a lot of trust amongst the team. The coaches really liked my blocking and athleticism, so they would like to have the option of having multiple TEs on the field and being able to move me around the formations to get good looks in the run game and in the pass game. Being a part of a team that could win another mountain west championship, while being in a great football atmosphere is something I’m very excited about! I’ll be a mid year transfer so I’m January I’ll be able to start school and football, I have 2 years of eligibility left.”

QB Zachary Larrier (Air Force)

“The first reason I committed was the for sure job that you have waiting for you once you graduate. The second was the amazing education you receive and the 12:1 student teacher ratio. The third was being able to play Quarterback in the Mountain west and play for some stand up men that coach at the academy. I will be playing QB, which fits me well as the fact that I ran that offense in high school and my speed and athleticism make it a great fit for me in that position. I am excited to play for the coaches, many of them were Air Force graduates themselves so I know how much this school is important to them. Also my position coach and Coach Calhoun have been there for 12 years now so i know they don’t plan on leaving. I plan to sign in December.”

ATH Isaiah Holiness (SJSU)

“The visit was absolutely great I felt at home the whole time, a very special place in the making no doubt. The atmosphere in general , and I can tell this program is eager to succeed and it’s within reach. How they stress academics and want all players to succeed , and not to mention the coaching staff but they are all great guys interested in helping the players succeed wether it be football or not. We talked grades and how I can benefit. Team in multiple different aspects. One thing I like is they stressed the importance of grades as well. A little bit in the mix of things running back and recover just a little of both. I just try to be a playmaker, whatever I can do. I’m going to give it everything I got.”

Visit Recaps

LB Easton Gibbs (Wyoming, last weekend)

“It was a good visit. I enjoyed getting to know the coaches and seeing the town. The staff and I, we just got more familiar with one another and talked football. We went to eat a couple times, just building relationships for the future. They are talking about moving me from safety to either Mike or Will linebacker. I feel like my speed at LB will be a big advantage for me and when I get there I will definitely have to put on weight but with the facility it should be no problem.”

WR Ty McCullouch (Boise State)

“I liked it a lot, the thing I liked the most was what their goal was in the end. Win football games, make it to the championship but be great people in the community. What they are about is everything I stand for. I was able to talk to the coaches a lot, we talked a lot of football and a lot of school. They went down a list of things they look for in young men and the overall was that they needed to handle their business to come to Boise and they said I did exactly that. Whatever they would need me to do I would do. They run a very fun offense and have so many ways of getting the ball around. I’m a good student, good athlete, and an even greater person. My biggest strength is how competitive I am and how I have so much more room to grow. I could definitely see myself playing for them. My top three right now are Cal Berkeley, Boise State, and Colorado State (In no particular order). I visit Colorado State next weekend and will sign on the 19th.”

JUCO CB Kaleb Ford-Dement (Boise State)

“The highlights for me were being able to meet the coaches and the players which they were all great. And just really just being able to go on my first official visit and get a feeling of what it would be to play for a program like Boise State. I mean they are still discussing whether to offer me or not, but they said like my energy and my film so now it’s just comes down if they want to pull the trigger on me. The coaches like my story and where I’ve come from, and just that I can do a lot of things at that corner position along with being a person that fits the bill as far what they look for off the field as a player.”

JUCO OL Trey Price (Nevada)

“Getting a chance to talk with Coach Norvell and Coach McClure more and being able to see what kind of people they are and what’s important to them and how they run the program. Also meeting the players and being able to connect with them and see how I get along with them. Yes I feel like I fit in with them they’re a bunch of guys who are really close and have fun and at the same time have the drive to work hard to win games. They want to play me at tackle, due to my size and length, which they have a big need for as most of their guys are truest guards. My plan now is to think things over and decide what’s best for me.

JUCO LB Reco Hannah (New Mexico)

“It was great! All the coaches and the players at New Mexico welcomed me with open arms and the highlight for me was the scenery and how the coaches and players sent off a good vibe to me and especially the weight room was a major highlight for me because I know that the strength coaches can really develop me into the player I need to be. For most of the visit I talked to Coach Cosgrove the linebacker coach and we talked about what they see me doing on the defensive side of the ball and Coach Davie went into real detail about that and how everything is schemed. They want me at the WILL linebacker position and doing a bunch of things such as blitzing and other things. The coaches told me the things I needed to know about the program and they kept it real with me. They told me that all the linebacker positions were open and whenever I got in I had to work to earn a starting spot and to keep progressing to keep that spot. I have 2 years to play.”

DE Liloa Kapiko (SDSU)

“It was a good experience I really enjoyed it. The highlight was we went with our host and we were able to see how college life is. I also enjoyed watching the practice it was good to see how they do things and how fast pace they go. The thing I’ll have to do most to adjust is to get my mindset right. Because everyone in college is good so I’m going to have to work harder then I do now. I talked to mostly Coach Lawson and Coach McGary. Coach Lawson was pretty straight forward with everything. Telling me if I choose to come I’m going to need to work hard and give effort all the time. He really keyed on effort more than talent. Honestly I really could. All the coaches over there are all straight up and honest by letting me know that they won’t take it easy. And they’re going to push me to get better. They like that I’m long and I’m able to move. They like to drop the D linemen into coverage also so with me being long and me being able to move is a good thing. Utah State is another one I’m interested in, but not sure what’s going on there with the coaching change.”

DB Stan Livingstone Jr (San Jose State)

“The overall thing that stuck with me out the is the brotherhood the whole football program has from players to all of the staff! Coach Brennan and his staff are working to build something special in the bay. For example, all the coaches treat all the players the same. Everyone is together there are no separate groups/cliques. All players get along well no matter the grade, race, etc. The upperclassmen take the underclassmen under their wing to better the program! Which is very helpful. I feel comfortable with all the players they are already bringing me in as one of them even without me being there yet. I got to spend a lot of time with Coach Aric Williams which he is recruiting me and the head man Coach Brennan. We talked about coming in a putting in the work to continue to build the program, which year by year we are improving. Also spoke about life after football, with San Jose being in Silicon Valley there are a lot of resources to begin to start a career after football. Also I am a early graduated so I will start my career at San Jose this Spring.”

JUCO LB Tavai Tuitasi (UNLV)

“I had a good time there. I enjoyed watching film and talking football with the coaches. Also liked the tour of the campus and the facility. The academic presentation was awesome too. The whole trip was awesome; the food, the coaches, and I also liked being on the official visit with the other top JUCO players. All of us, the other recruits, got along good. Most of us exchanged info and social media accounts.”

Recruiting Updates


  • DB Jason Betts was offered by Air Force
  • LB Trevor Kauer was offered by Air Force
  • 2020 DE Kris Jenkins was offered by Air Force
  • 2020 QB Ethan Garbers was offered by Boise State
  • DE Cian Quiroga was offered by Colorado State
  • LB Eugene Asante was offered by Colorado State
  • TE Damien Devine was offered by Colorado State
  • ATH Jaquan Sheppard was offered by Colorado State
  • DE LaRon Stokes Jr was offered by Colorado State
  • JUCO WR Keric Wheatfall was offered by Colorado State
  • 2020 ATH Kyan Graham was offered by Colorado State
  • 2020 WR Chad Johnson was offered by Fresno State
  • JUCO DB Harrell Blackmon was offered by Hawaii
  • JUCO DB Justin Ford was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO OL Jimmy Price was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO DB Emanuel Dabney was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO LB James Lewis was offered by New Mexico
  • JUCO DE Mason Vega was offered by New Mexico
  • 2020 DE Gabriel Lopez was offered by New Mexico
  • 2021 OL Braezhon Ross was offered by New Mexico
  • 2021 Tiaoalii Savea was offered by New Mexico
  • CB Logan Wilson was offered by SDSU
  • CB Dejaun Butler was offered by SJSU
  • JUCO DE Mason Vega was offered by SJSU
  • JUCO QB Stoney Waters was offered by SJSU
  • JUCO DB Justin Ford was offered by UNLV
  • JUCO DL Brandon Maddox was offered by UNLV
  • QB Cooper Legas was offered by Utah State
  • OL Hunter Hill was offered by Utah State
  • DE Taylor Poitier was offered by Wyoming


  • LB Tyler Brown committed to Air Force
  • WR Xavier Guillory committed to Air Force
  • DB Decarleon Townsend committed to Air Force
  • QB Zachary Larrier committed to Air Force
  • JUCO TE Raymond Pauwels committed to Fresno State
  • JUCO TE Juan Rodriguez committed Fresno State
  • JUCO TE Austin Griffin committed to Boise State
  • OL Desmond Noel committed to Colorado State
  • ATH Isaiah Holiness committed to SJSU
  • JUCO DB Aaron Lewis committed to UNLV
  • DE Jaylen Pate committed to Wyoming


  • WR Ty McCullouch visited Boise State
  • DB Markel Reed visited Boise State
  • JUCO CB Kaleb Ford-Dement visited Boise State
  • DE Aidan Cullen visited Colorado State
  • WR/CB Myles Martin visited Fresno State
  • ATH Leonard Glass visited Fresno State
  • ATH Joshua Kelly visited Fresno State
  • WR Jalen Cropper visited Fresno State
  • WR Jamal Glaspie visited Fresno State
  • LB Kyvin Carrol visited Fresno State
  • LB Devonta Bridges visited Fresno State
  • LB Levelle Bailey visited Fresno State
  • DB Deven Jarvis visited Fresno State
  • DB Reggie Strong visited Fresno State
  • OL Paul Matavao visited Fresno State
  • JUCO TE Raymond Pauwels visited Fresno State
  • JUCO TE Juan Rodriguez visited Fresno State
  • JUCO WR Keric Wheatfall visited Fresno State
  • QB Boone Abbott visited Hawaii
  • JUCO LB Quinn Perry visited Hawaii
  • JUCO OL Trey Price visited Nevada
  • JUCO LB Reco Hannah visited New Mexico
  • JUCO DE Tevan McAdams visited New Mexico
  • DE Liloa Kapiko visited SDSU
  • DB Stan Livingstone Jr visited SJSU
  • WR/DB Jamar Simpson visited SJSU
  • WR Isaiah Holiness visited SJSU
  • WR Malikhi Miller visited SJSU
  • LB Jordan Cobbs visited SJSU
  • WR Casey Granfors visited SJSU
  • OL Blake Bedier visited SJSU
  • JUCO DL Brandon Maddox visited UNLV
  • JUCO LB Vic Viramontes visited UNLV
  • JUCO CB Justin Ford visited UNLV
  • JUCO DT Eliel Ehimare visited UNLV
  • JUCO LB Tavai Tuitasi visited UNLV
  • JUCO RB Deshawn Collins visited UNLV
  • JUCO CB Aaron Lewis visited UNLV
  • JUCO OL Jackson McCullough visited UNLV
  • QB Josh Calvin visited Utah State
  • DB KJ Trujillo visited Utah State
  • WR Dadrion Taylor visited Utah State
  • OL Cole Thomas visited Utah State

In-home Visits:

Air Force:

  • Coach Campbell visited LS Aidan Livingston
  • Coach Calhoun visited TE Micah Hilts
  • Coach Calhoun visited RB Noah Roper

Boise State:

  • Coach Popovich visited CB Markel Reed
  • Coach Bedell visited OL Jacob Golden
  • Coach Kiesau visited WR Shea Whiting
  • Coach Bedell and Coach Riddle visited JUCO TE Raymond Pauwels
  • Coach Harsin, Coach Avalos, Coach Danielson and Coach Kauhaahaa visited DE Dylan Hall
  • Coach Hill and Coach Marks visited RB George Holani
  • Coach Harsin, Coach Hill, Coach Avalos, Coach Danielson, and Coach Kauhaaahaa visited DE Amiri Johnson.
  • Coach Kiesau visited Boulder Creek HS and WR Hendrix Johnson
  • Coach Harsin and Coach Hill visited QB Hank Bachmeier
  • Visited Saguaro HS
  • Visited Gilbert HS

Colorado State:

  • Coach Applewhite visited DB Dawaiian McNeely and RB Aidan Robbins
  • Coach Whitted visited ATH Jamaal Bell
  • Coach Helow visited DB Mary Perry

Fresno State:

  • Coach Tedford visited WR/CB Joshua Kelly and DB Deven Jarvis
  • Visited Ventura College


  • Coach Norvell, Coach Chamoures visited DB Cam Stephens
  • Coach Norvell and Coach McClure visited OL Zac Welch
  • Coach McClure visited DL Logan Arnold

New Mexico:

  • Visited South Oak Cliff HS
  • Coach Tuitele visited OL Cade Briggs

San Diego State:

  • Coach Sumler visited CB Logan Wilson

San Jose State:

  • Visited Saguaro HS
  • Visited Hayward HS
  • Coach Brennan and Coach Carter visited ATH Adi Anderson


  • Coach Sanchez and Coach O’Dell visited QB Travis Mumphrey
  • Coach Sanchez and Coach Cormier visited Spring Valley HS
  • Visited Saguaro HS
  • Coach Sanchez, Coach Skipper, Coach Brown visited JUCO LB Vic Viramontes

Utah State:

  • Coach Udy visited LS Jesse Vasquez


  • Coach Haug visited TE Skylar Loving-Black
  • Visited South Oak Cliff HS
  • Visited Saguaro HS
  • Coach Haug visited DB Dawaiian McNeely
  • Coach Dickert visited DB Caleb Robinson


  • LB Keegan Smith decommited from Air Force
  • DB Brandon Richard decommited from Air Force
  • DB Brandon Shiver decommited from SDSU

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