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Recruit Reaction: Utah State

What the Aggie 2019 commits are saying about Coach Wells leaving.

Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

After the news of Matt Wells departing Utah State for Texas Tech became official, MWCConnection reached out to some of the members of the 2019 Aggie class to get their reactions and thoughts to the news.

A few recruits requested time to let them process what they were experiencing, while a few others declined to comment on the news (which is understandable given the surprise). A few recruits did allow their words to be shared and we have them here:

“I’m a little bummed out about the recent lack of communication I’ve been having with USU! I don’t know where I stand with them, although I understand everyone is busy and it’s chaotic now, but I’m still grateful to have my offer. I’m also really bummed out about Coach Wells leaving, because he and his brother were the ones who showed me all the love. Other then that I’m happy for coach and the big things he’s gonna do over there at Texas Tech.” - LB Kani Tuafa

“I found out when my high school coach came up to me and told me I might have a new head coach by the end of the day. I had been hearing rumors about schools trying to get Coach Wells but I didn’t really put to much thought on it. But then today I saw on my Twitter that it was official and I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to play with Coach Wells because I really liked him. But I was also happy for him because this was a good opportunity. Coach Maile texted back and forth for a minute. He was just letting me know that everything will be all good. And yep right now Aggie up!” - LB Sione Moa

“I’m just completely shocked. I was worried about my scholarship too because I’ve heard about kids losing their scholarships due to staff changes sometimes. I was also just very confused because he was successful coaching the Aggies this year. I talked to my high school coach and he told me not to worry. It’s just really weird to hear Coach Wells speak about the “family” he’s building and then watch him leave. It’s just shocking, but business is business I guess.” - DL Dean Rice.

Some recruits have even taken to Twitter to publicly announce their intention to remain committed to Utah State.

At the time of this writing, no USU recruits have decommitted or opened up their recruitment.

Check back for updates as more recruits speak with MWCConnection, and follow us for all the MWC recruiting updates and news.