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Week 10 Bowl Projections

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Some big changes this week

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Each week members of the Mountain West Connection team will be completing bowl projections. With the lack of bowl tie-ins for the Mountain West, some of these bowl projections required quite a bit of research. We will start with the obvious Mountain West tie-ins and then things get interesting.

Zach: I made some pretty bold changes this week. I think the Bulldogs are the best G5 team right now and UCF is going to drop one of their last three games. I think Utah State will slide into the Vegas Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl: Fresno State vs. Washington State

Las Vegas Bowl: Utah State vs. Arizona State

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Western Kentucky

New Mexico Bowl: Boise State vs. Marshall

Arizona Bowl: Nevada vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Potato Bowl: San Diego State vs. Western Michigan

Matt: Sticking with 6, but this whole thing is a mess

Las Vegas Bowl: Fresno State v. Stanford

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii v. Memphis

New Mexico Bowl: SDSU v. Marshall

Arizona Bowl: Nevada v. Louisiana-Monroe

Potato Bowl: Boise State v. Buffalo

Cactus Bowl: Utah State v. Baylor

FatDuckUW: Back to six bowl games. UNLV and San Jose State are out with losing seasons. Meanwhile, Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, and New Mexico are all on the bubble with 6 losses.

Las Vegas Bowl: Fresno State vs Arizona

First Responder Bowl: Boise State vs North Texas

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs Marshall

Potato Bowl: Nevada vs Eastern Michigan

New Mexico Bowl: Utah State vs Middle Tennessee State

Arizona Bowl: San Diego State vs Arkansas State

Mike: I’ll stick with 6. Thought about dropping Hawaii but I really still think they beat UNLV and get in. Switching Utah State and Boise State around, more to signify my thoughts on them being the second best team in the conference and thus getting a better option when selection time comes. (I realize BSU could still get an out of conference bowl based on their brand, but I’m giving the Aggies this one right now). Considered giving Fresno State the Fiesta Bowl, but things are out of their control at this point.

Las Vegas Bowl: Fresno State vs. Stanford

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Memphis

New Mexico Bowl: Boise State vs. Marshall

Arizona Bowl: Nevada vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Potato Bowl: San Diego State vs. Eastern Michigan

Catcus/Whatever Bowl: Utah State: some low level Big 12 team