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Mountaintop View 11-6-18

Nevada basketball and some football stories.

Loyola v Nevada Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s Tuesday and we are rolling out more MWC stories from around the internet for you today, with a few about the Wolf Pack bball team. Take a look:

Do pre-season polls indicate anything?

If you’re in the top 10, like Nevada is, you’re almost a lock to make the NCAA tourney. So they have that going for them. And they have a pretty good chance to get somewhere between the round of 32 and Elite 8. As the #7 team, they have around a 70% chance of making the Elite 8, based on recent history. Take this with a grain of salt, but things are looking good for the Wolf Pack.

How the Wolf Pack can reach the Final Four: Play Defense.

This article shows there is a magic number. Final Four teams must have at least a top 50 defense. Only one time has a team with a worse defense made it that far. And it would really help their odds to be in the top 30-ish. What were they last year? 108th.

Ron Smith and Ron Smith overcome adversity.

College football is full of feel good stories and this is one of them. Smith Sr was only 24 was Smith Jr was born. But the two of them formed an inseparable bond and excelled. The older has a PHD and is a school superintendent while the younger is playing a big role on a solid defense unit for the Aztecs.

Bulldogs Johnson an NFL sleeper.

Senior WR KeeSean Johnson is having a great season following up last year’s great season. Combining good size, good route running and great hands, he should hear his name called in next year’s NFL draft. Where in the draft remains to be seen, but mid to late rounds figures to be his floor at this point.

Your MWC Players of the Week:

On the horizon:

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