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Mountaintop View 11-5-18

San Jose State v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Between football and basketball MWC updates, there is a lot of news floating around the conference. Here’s some of the top stories coming your way on this Monday morning”

Aztecs get their offensive talent back, come from behind in the win.

Juwan Washington had some big runs to remind everyone he’s still a force at tailback. The Lobos third QB of the season didn’t fare too well at all, though the Lobos had a lead for parts of the game. And Rocky Long continues to own his alma mater.

Aggies run all over the Warriors.

Utah State continued it’s winning ways, beating the Warriors on the islands. The final was 56-17 and it may have not even been that close. They have now won 8 in a row after their early season loss to Michigan State. As for Hawaii, Coach Rolovich summed it up by saying “We’re not doing anything real well.”

Falcons falcon injured in prank.

Aurora, the 22 year old falcon and mascot to the Air Force Academy, is in critical condition. This is a result of a prank conducted by Army. Army and Navy have a long tradition of stealing each other’s mascots before their games, but it has carried over to Air Force, and may have gone too far.

Bulldogs, Aggies, move up in the polls.

One step closer to a done deal...

On the horizon:

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