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Mountaintop View 11-30-18

Wells is gone. Lack of Motivation for UNM?, Fresno Hates Boise, MWC Could Get A New Look For Their Tournament, and NMSU LB Looks To Move On

(Matthew Putney/The Courier via AP)

We’ve got some fresh stories for you to start your weekend with!

Coach Wells going to Texas Tech.

If for some reason you didn’t see this yesterday, check it out. Even if you did, check this out anyway. Wells had an extremely successful season, was the MWC Coach of the Year, and was expected to draw heavy interest from programs this offseason. It didn’t take long for his departure to occur.

Weir: Lobos haven’t shown same urgency as last season

Through 4 game, the Lobos are 3-1. Yet their coach is not impressed with the performance he’s seen out of his team so far this season. Head man Paul Weir hasn’t really seen a sense of urgency out of his squad so far the season. Not like the team as displayed in the recent years under Weir. The coach attributes part of this lackadaisical play style to the media. He feels the media may be giving his team a bit too much credit and it is going to the players head. They go in thinking they are going to win the same, instead of having to work for the win. Weir hopes to change the mindset, and remind his team that everything is earned, not given.

Bulldogs fans have many reasons to hate Boise State. Here’s the definitive list

Hatred is nothing new to sports. We as fans and players hate rather easily. Our rivals especially. So it should come as no surprise that Fresno State doesn’t like Boise State. These two teams are set to lock horns this weekend to decide the winner of the Mountain West Conference for 2018. A rematch of last years title game, the Broncos will look to retain their crown, while the Bulldogs look to avenge last year’s loss. The Broncos hold the edge over Fresno, winning 11 of their last 13 meetings. But anything can happen on any given day, that is why they play the game.

Mountain West wants new basketball challenge series in 2020

The Mountain West - Missouri Valley Challenge is coming to end, and it is time for us to look forward. The next iteration of the tournament will look pair up with another league in order to set a challenge for the 2020-2021 series. The MWC is trying to put their teams in the best possible position for success. Things are changing for the MWC!

Former New Mexico State linebacker Terrill Hanks ready for next stage of football career

Terrill Hanks is eyeing his next step in his football career, the NFL. Being drafter would fulfill a lifelong dream, but as of right now, he is focused on the process of getting ready for the NFL. Hanks is set to receive an invitation to the NFL Combine in February. This visibility could be wonders for the Aggies LB!

On The Horizon

  • You got the Boise State preview yesterday. Look for the Fresno State one today.
  • Later today: A look at MWC hoops so far in this young season: What kind of start has your favorite team had?
  • Later today: Our team shares their thoughts on the MWC Championship game, includes who wins.
  • Tomorrow: The MWC Championship. Don’t miss out.