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Mountain West Announces 2018 Football Awards & 1st/2nd-Teams

The results are in.

Mountain West Championship - Air Force v San Diego State
The 2018 football awards & 1st/2nd-teams have been announced for the Mountain West.
Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Before we delve into the official results, it’s worth mentioning that the team here hit on most of the Mountain West awards & 1st-Team All-MW in our Mountain West Connection articles from the past couple of days.


Take another look at our picks for the awards. We hit on all but the Special Teams Player of The Year.

Now, the 2018 Mountain West awards:

1st/2nd-Team All-MW:

Take another look at our picks. We hit on 10 of the 13 1st-Team Offense & 8 of the 12 1st-Team Defense.

Now, the 2018 All-Mountain West 1st/2nd-Teams:

There you have it. Let us know your thoughts on the Mountain West announcements.