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Mountaintop View 11-20-18

Basketball updates and some football news.

San Diego State v Colorado State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Tuesday is here and so are a fresh slate of articles highlighting news from around the MWC. Check out what we have for you today.

The Ballad of Leon Rice.

This is a great chronicle of Coach Rice’s journey to get where he is. Starting as a high school coach, he sent 90 letters to college coaches asking to be a GA or volunteer assistant. It details how he formed close friendships with the other men breaking into college coaching at the same time and how those relationships led him to the stops he has had in his career. It’s a great read.

Lobos new coach keeping himself from Twitter distractions.

You often hear college players discuss removing themselves from twitter to avoid distractions from the season. You don’t hear as much about it coming from a coach. After forming the reputation of being very engaging with others on social media, Now that it’s time for the season, Coach Weir has deleted his accounts. He’s all focus.

Former Bronco football player shot and killed in police altercation.

It’s a very sad story on all sides of the situation. It’s difficult to even find the words. Let the story tell you.

Storybook ending for Cordeiro, Warriors.

The game looked lost for Hawaii in the 4th quarter, but a QB change made all the difference. He only completed 4 out of 5 passes, but 3 of them went for touchdowns and he amassed 153 passing yards. Quite the quarter for him. Now the big question is: should he start next week?

The MWC Players of the Week

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Check out the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the games this weekend.
  • Later today: Take a look at the Game of the Week Recap.
  • Coming tomorrow: Our latest bowl projections. There is sure to be some movement this week.
  • Coming tomorrow: A look at the odds of each MWC coach being back next season.