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Mountaintop View 11-13-18

Revenue, Bowls, and Engagements.

Utah State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday everyone. We are rolling out some new links for you in this post and some new posts for you later today. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of it.

Will the losing Rams impact revenue? Probably not.

At least according to this read. Colorado State football hasn’t gone as planned this season, which has gotten the fan base understandably upset. Sounds like some may not renew their season tickets. However, that won’t be a huge dent in their stadium revenue, as much of that has come from areas other than ticket sales. It details some of their multi-year income, which comes from a variety of sources. Also, they projected low attendance scenarios into their budget so anything above would be a bonus.

Should two Group of 5 teams get into NY6?

This article probably isn’t as relevant anymore with the Bulldogs loss this weekend, but it’s still a worthwhile read. They shows the numbers and analytics of how similar UCF, Fresno State, and Utah State are. They demonstrate how top Group of 5 teams can beat middle to low Power 5 teams. They end up bringing up playoff expansion again (it still makes too much sense). It’s unfortunate that multiple loss Power 5 teams get ranked higher than 1 loss very good Group of 5 teams.

Aggies keep winning, Spartans keep losing.

804 yards of offense is a pretty good day at the office. It’s actually only the 17th time in history that’s happened in a college football game. That’s what top 25 teams should be doing to teams that have won one game this season. Both Utah State and San Jose State followed the expected script in what quickly became a laugher. With the Bulldogs losing this week, Utah State quickly becomes the favorite as the top team in the MWC.

Kade Remsberg get a win, gains a fiancé.

What a day for Falcon Remsberg. He had 99 yards in the game. He scored a 54 yard touchdown. He contributed to the victory over New Mexico. And then he got engaged to his girlfriend. They have been together since eighth grade and her parents made the surprise visit to be part of the celebration. Also, Air Force keeps their bowl hopes alive.

Your MWC Players of the Week:

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  • Coming tomorrow: Our latest bowl projections. There is sure to be some movement this week.
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