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This Week in the MWC: 10-20-18

Let’s recap the week.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Top Stories:

  • Mountain West Basketball Media Days: Even though we are in the middle of football season, basketball season isn’t too far away. The MWC announced their preseason awards. To the surprise of no one, Nevada dominated the voting. We recapped the awards here.
  • Ty Gangi’s Leg: If you watched the game Saturday, it was talked about just as much or maybe even more than the actual game. No jab at him and his health, but it kind of became a joke because of how much the announcers were going on and on about it. Reminds me of last season when Josh Allen was having a terrible game and the announcers were trying to spin it around saying things like “That’s an NFL level way to take a sack”. Look for one of Gangi’s legs to make the All-MWC team at the end of the year.
  • Players leaving: Colorado’s State’s disappointing season got a bit more disappointing with the announcement of the departure that RB Boddie is no longer with the team. He hadn’t played much this year, but was expected to be a big part of their offense. SDSU Redshirt Freshman WR Kyre Richardson also announced his transferring this week after not being able to crack the rotation.


Who’s Hot:

  • San Diego State
  • Fresno State

Who’s Not:

  • San Jose State
  • UNLV


I didn’t listen to Aaron Tayler this weekend, but another Aaron, Aaron Murray, did the Nevada/Boise State game. For those looking for subpar analysis, he didn’t disappoint.

He doesn’t want to make too much of an absolute statement on things:

  • “The ball was a little bit loose” ... as it’s bouncing off players on its way to the ground.
  • “A little bit of a false start” ... It either is or it isn’t Aaron.

Obligatory name pun:

  • “Rypien let it rip” #drink

Original mix up phrases:

  • “Clock the stop”
  • “He can move the ball fastly”

Original cross-sports comparisons no one else can think of:

  • “Maybe they will be the Atlanta Braves of the MWC” something we all strive for.

When in doubt, just repeat the same narrative every few minutes:

  • “Remember Gangi has limited mobility” #drink