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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Week Seven

The Aggies and Bulldogs continue to run through the competition

NCAA Football: Utah State at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Week seven of the college football season is behind us, and it appears like the contenders and pretenders are continuing to separate themselves. The teams with realistic opportunities to reach the Mountain West Championship continues to get smaller.

The Good:

Utah State

Honestly, the Aggies look like the most explosive team in the Mountain West right now. UNLV is bad, but the Aggies absolutely destroyed them. Jordan Love is playing as well as any quarterback in the conference and has become a leader in that locker room. Utah State is a legitimate contender for the Mountain West championship. I’m just not completely sold on their defense yet. The Aggies also benefit from having the easiest schedule in the conference,

Fresno State

There are still some major flaws in their running game, but McMaryion has continued to looks sharp through the air and on the ground. The Bulldogs have a lethal defense; few teams have been able to find success against them. Fresno State should cruise against the Lobos this weekend.

Boise State Making a Change

It has been a long time coming...The Broncos finally made changes on the right side of the offensive line. John Ojukwu and Isiah Moore replaced Andres Preciado and Eric Quevado in the second half. While it wasn’t great, the run game showed some promise, and Rypien had time to throw. When Rypien has time, he’s lethal, and he proved that in the second half.

The Bad:

Air Force

The Falcons lost their starting quarterback and blew a game they should have won. The botched punt at the end of the first half was a momentum killer and likely cost them the game.

New Mexico

This team is really hard to gauge. One week they look incompetent, and the next week they look like a bowl team. New Mexico had to beat the Rams to be taken seriously. Now they enter the tougher part of their schedule and are likely to fall behind in the standings. The Lobos still have to face Fresno State, San Diego State, Utah State, and Boise State. Good luck Lobos fans. It looks like December football is highly unlikely.

The Ugly:


There isn’t much this team can do right. Entering the season, their defense was supposed to be so good that they would be able to overcome an average offense. The problem is that their offense has been nowhere close to being average. The defense spends the majority of the game on the field and has not been able to generate the turnovers they did the previous season. The Cowboys appear destined for an early end to their season.


It felt like this was coming for a few weeks. Teams have slowly been figuring out the Hawaii offense, and this week BYU took them to the woodshed. Hawaii has struggled on offense for a few weeks now. We will learn a lot about this Hawaii team when they face an improving Wolf Pack squad. If they have any chance of contending in the West, this is a must win game.


This team is a mess without Armani Rogers, and their defense is not doing much to help. Is Tony Sanchez on the hot seat?

First Half Boise State

It was awful on so many levels: penalties, turnovers, and a struggling defense. Somehow, the Broncos still managed to go into halftime tied. This team has plenty of things to work on.