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MWC Recruiting Roundup 9-15-18

Hear from some recruits and see some updated team recruiting rankings.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Brigham Young Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again. Recruiting is in full swing and with it are the latest offers, visits, and commits. Plus, we throw in a quickly put together October MWC Recruiting Rankings. With the November one I’ll start putting more time and thought into them and then of course even more in December and January (shooting for weekly ranking updates outside of the dead period) and of course the final one in February. But for today, you’ll get a snapshot with a one sentence explanation for each team.

Also, Utah State had the most weekend visitors and pulled in a commit this week, so we’ll throw them up on the cover photo.

October Recruiting Rankings

T1. Nevada: They get part of the top spot for quantity of talent. They brought in more than anyone and some nice pieces to boot.

T1. Boise State: They get part of the top spot for quality of talent. 4 commits are 4 stars. But only 6 total commits right now.

3. UNLV: Outside of Nevada, definitely the surprise team of the year so far in recruiting. A nice collection of players and finding guys who are all in on the Rebels has been key.

4. San Diego State: Same as it ever was. Throw in some solid athletes on both sides of the ball who can play a variety of positions and fit the system well. They have their new impact RB of the future as well.

5. Utah State: A nice balance of quality and quantity. Of the 9 commits, their best players (on paper) are at QB and BUCK (the rushing LB position). So talent at key positions and solid players at the other positions. Interested in seeing this class finish out and looking forward to taking a deeper look at them.

6. Fresno State: They’ve had big July boost two years in a row now, but recruiting still hasn’t caught up to the on the field product yet. Things could certainly change come Dec/Feb.

7. San Jose State: On the flip side, they are surpassing their on the field production in leaps and bounds. The #SheildTheBay is basically working, with 8 of 9 commits from California.

8. Hawaii: Are much stingier than they have been the past two years. Because of that, there’s not much going on. Yet. They are putting in work on the islands and should get a boost from their surprise season.

9. New Mexico: Not much to say currently. Their classes are usually JUCO heavy and because of that, their class is light at this point in the calendar.

10. Colorado State: The Rams have a very uncharacteristic small recruiting class for October, with only two players. Although there is a lot to like about both of them.

11. Wyoming: At this point, their recruiting is basically like their offense. Hard to find and a small number. All joking aside, the Cowboys scoff at recruiting rankings and find quality players who fit their system as well as anyone. No need to hit panic button here.

Don’t know where to put them. Air Force: They are the toughest to evaluate until the end of the year, and even then it’s difficult to figure out where to slot them. They have 28 commits, which seems like a lot until you realize then end up with around 100. I’m getting into the habit of just evaluating their top 20 guys or so. If pressed, I’d put them somewhere in the 6-8 range at this point.

As you know by, I think straight rankings don’t always tell the whole story. Tiers can sometimes better illustrate the gap or lack of gap between teams. So if you think a team should be higher than another, but in the same tier, you probably could make a good case. Here are the rankings by tiers:

Tier 1: Nevada, Boise State

Tier 2: UNLV, SDSU, Utah State

Tier 3: Fresno State, SJSU, Hawaii, Air Force

Tier 4: New Mexico

Tier 5: Colorado State, Wyoming

Visit Recap

OL/DL Latrell Bible (Wyoming, a few weeks ago)

“I like the scenery, and I enjoyed how the coaching staff really advocates for academics and getting a degree. The staff seemed genuinely invested in their players well being, and the nutrition staff really knows what their doing. They really liked my transcript, and they loved how I played the game of football and how athletic and physical I was. They want me as an O-Lineman, and they see me pulling a lot on run plays. I’m trying to schedule my next official visit to Air-Force Academy (who is offering him at an DL), and I want my decision to be made my November 1st.”

WR Melquan Stovall (Nevada)

“The visit went great! The football game was great they fell short, but they played a good game. Campus was nice, everything’s in walking distance. I got to talk to the coaches about a lot. They showed me film of how they could possibly use me. The most important thing we talked about was academics, and what I would possibly like to major in. They plan on using me all over on offense; slot, wideout, and RB. My potential majors are Business, Engineering, or something in the Medical field. Right now, I don’t have any other visits scheduled and not looking to rush into a commitment or anything.”

Commitment Spotlight

LB Simon Thompson (Utah State)

“The location was big for me in committing. Not a very long flight or drive from my family at home, so they can come see games without traveling too far. The other would the atmosphere and support for the football program. I got along really well with all the coaches and players. I felt welcome by everyone during the visit. They said that I fit perfectly within their defensive scheme; they like to recruit long athletes that can run. I have the size and physicality to play run in the box, but I can also run with guys in coverage. They plan to play me at one of the outside linebacker positions due to my athleticism and high football IQ. I’m really excited to be an Aggie.”

LB Seth Robinson (UNLV)

“I committed due to: the amount of love the coaching staff showed me, and the opportunities the city of Vegas as well as UNLV gives within the school of hospitality management. Plus it’s just a 4 1/2 hour drive from my home in Arizona, so I’m not far from family and friends. Then, with early graduation in December and starting college in January, it works perfectly with UNLV. Like I said, the amount of love they’ve shown me and my family. Coach Samuel, the Dline coach at UNLV, and my dad talk on the phone all the time just talking about UNLV and all that. He’s a guy who will take care of me and my family loves that there’s an older, mentor figure who’ll help guide me through college and football. They see me being the BUCK linebacker, an outside linebacker hybrid that pass rushes and drops into the flats. I just pass rush now in high school, but plan to get coached well at UNLV to be a hybrid.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • ATH Akili Arnold was offered by Hawaii
  • JUCO WR Brandon Jordon was offered by Nevada
  • 2020 QB Jay Butter was offered by Nevada
  • 2020 DE Tuli Tuipulotu was offered by Nevada
  • 2021 Zyrus Fiaseu was offered by Nevada


  • OL/DL Max Mixon committed to Air Force
  • OL Caron Keltner committed to Air Force
  • DT Joe Quillin committed to Air Force
  • WR Justin Lockhart committed to Nevada
  • Seth Robinson committed to UNLV
  • LB Simon Thompson committed to Utah State


  • LB Aidan Cullen visited Colorado State
  • Myles Martin visited Fresno State
  • WR Melquan Stovall visited Nevada
  • ATH Sione Vaki visited Utah State
  • TE/DE Dean Rice visited Utah State
  • ATH Akili Arnold visited Utah State
  • LB Jaymason Willingham visited Utah State

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