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MWC Recruiting Roundup 10-11-18

Because there was too much for just one day this week.

Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Timing didn’t work out on Sunday with so many recruits traveling and getting back late and myself traveling this weekend as well. Therefore, here’s a bonus with a mini recruiting roundup for you recruiting people.

Visit Recap

QB Hank Bachmeier (Boise State)

“We had a fun weekend. My favorite part was just being back at Boise and being at my future college surrounded by great people. It was great seeing Keegan and Casey (they all went out to dinner Sunday night), we had a great time talking to the other guys on the visit and we are all really excited for the future. The coaches are just excited for me to be a part of the tradition of Boise State and I’m excited to come in and work. Losing the game was a bummer but I’m more focused on coming in and helping to contribute to the team as soon as possible”

WR Keon Markham (Boise State)

“My favorite parts of the visit was meeting the coaching staff and just seeing how the players love there coaches! They are all great coaches and they have what it takes to get me up to the next level! And the players are really close and have a very strong bond with each other like a brotherhood which appealed to me. The coaches spoke with me about the tradition of the football program and how me and my brother would be a perfect fit in their program. They like me as a wide receiver. Best parts of my game I think that I’m explosive, can block, and want to win.”

WR Khyheem Waleed (Boise State)

“Some of the highlights were: the field, and the stadium, and just the overall atmosphere of the place. Definitely the coaches as well, I liked them a lot. They are real down to earth people. Plus, they gave me the real honest answers and didn’t sugar coat anything and I also like their philosophies as a coaching staff. They said they could use me in a multitude of ways in the slot and the outside because of my ability to run routes and also my speed and they liked was my speed hands and quickness also my ability to win my 1-on-1 match-ups. I got to talk to the others on the visit. They are very cool people to be around we had a good time when the players (hosts) showed us around. Right now, I don’t have anything else scheduled.”

WR Darien Chase (Boise State)

“The highlights for me was seeing the city, the campus and facilities!! And meeting the coaches and other recruits and players. They were all really cool especially Coach Harsin and Coach Keys, who I spent the most time with. They were genuine people it was fun. And for the players and recruits I felt comfortable around everyone so that was fun. They are recruiting me at WR and they like me because they can move me around in the offense from the outside to slot even in the backfield at times. They said that I remind them of (current WR) Khalil Shakir. I got to know the commits a bit. They are all cool people I talked to Hank a little over twitter before I got there as well. Next weekend I’ll be going to Nebraska I just set that up a couple hours ago but that’s the only visit I have planned.”

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