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MWC Recruiting Roundup 10-1-18

Things are heating up.

Utah State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A month into the season, there hasn’t been a ton of recruiting news going on in the conference. As we’ve discussed in previous weeks, some teams aren’t doing official visits early on in the year and some other teams haven’t had many home games. That contributes to a lack of excitement and action around recruiting. However, that should be starting to turn around with this edition here and almost certainly will next week. Utah State had a good weekend and the Aggies take control of the banner for today. Check out our content below with quotes from recruits:

Commitment Spotlight

WR Cam Lampkin (Utah State)

“I committed mainly because of the coaching staff. They showed me a good time and treated me like one of their own right from the start. They talked to me a lot. Always making sure I was doing okay and keeping tabs on me. The staff said they like how I use my speed to get in space and make plays. They want to use me both as a wide receiver and also on special teams as a returner. I think as a WR, I can do everything well.”

Visit Recap

CB Caleb Roberson (Wyoming)

“The highlights were being able to actually experience and see Wyoming. Seeing how the coaches are and how welcoming and a family feel there is. It was great! They’re honest, they’re there if you need someone to talk to, they don’t just treat their athletes like a business, they actually care for them and want to help develop them into great men, husbands and fathers. I’m not exactly sure how I would be used, but Coach Richardson just said I’d need to learn all the DB positions because that’s more marketable. But he did say that with my speed, he’d probably have me on the opponents fast receivers.”

WR Calvin Wiggins (Wyoming)

“Meeting the players was a highlight because they were completely honest on what to expect and how college life is at Wyoming. They truly enjoy being there; it’s like a family away from home for them. It’s not what you expect from a small town which someone would probably think there’s nothing to do here. I talked with Coach Grant and he was showing me how I will be used at Wyoming and talking about recruitment and making the right decision not based on looks and other things every school has available. I also talked with Coach Bohl the head coach and we talked about recruiting also. They want to use me as more than just a outside receiver which I like as I would be moving me around the field creating mismatches. Cal will be my last visit most likely and then I’ll make my decision.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • 2020 Max Lofy was offered by Air Force
  • DB/WR Myles Farmer was offered by Colorado State
  • DB Dom Tatum was offered by Colorado State
  • CB Shilo Sanders was offered by Colorado State
  • ATH Keyon Brooks was offered by Colorado State (Arkansas State commit)
  • DE Dylan Hall was offered by Colorado State
  • ATH Akili Arnold was offered by Colorado State and Wyoming
  • DB/WR Joshua Kelly was offered by Fresno State
  • JUCO DB Damarion Williams was offered by New Mexico
  • TE Anthony Landphere was offered by SDSU and SJSU
  • WR/LB Sione Moa was offered by Utah State
  • JUCO OL Khalique Washington was offered by UNLV
  • QB Dominick Mazotti was offered by Wyoming
  • RB Ontario Russell was offered by Wyoming (Missouri State commit)

Coaching Visits:

  • Nevada was visiting schools in Sacramento.


  • 2020 DB/WR Trey Paster visited Fresno State (unofficial)
  • 2020 OL Omar Ortega visited Fresno State (unofficial)
  • WR Melquan Stovall visited Frenso State (unofficial)
  • Stan Livingstone Jr visited SJSU (unofficial)
  • WR Calvin Wiggins visited Wyoming
  • CB Caleb Roberson visited Wyoming
  • DE Latrell Bible visited Wyoming
  • DE Justin Hunt visited Wyoming (unofficial)


  • OL Vinnie Klempner committed to Air Force
  • DB Cam Stephens committed to Nevada
  • WR Cam Lampkin committed to Utah State

Recruiting News

  • OL Dohnovan West named his top 5 schools. Boise State is the only MWC school.
  • Konnor Gomness committed to Washington State, but held a slew of MWC offers.
  • Next week should be a big visit week for a few MWC schools.

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