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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Monday again? Feels like we just did this, right? Even so, let’s soften the blow with some reading from around the conference.

Bulldogs success can’t carry over to construction.

Much has been said on this site about the roll has been on since Coach Tedford took over the program. Unfortunately, that roll has finally hit a snag with this bit of news. With a new AD comes new ideas and those ideas don’t seem to include improvements to their stadium. Although it sounds like changes are coming to another sports building.

NCAA is making some changes, considering others.

If you like college basketball, be happy! The offseason will be three days shorter this year. Although the football offseason is now even longer:

While this will lead to how programs structure their fall camp schedule, the lack of off-days may mean they won’t lose as much practice time as one might think. It would be interesting to hear what coaches think of this.

Finally, on the transfer side, looks like the great and powerful Board of Directors will be looking at all transfer-related things in June.

Here’s a look at Hawaii’s new DC.

Didn’t know this, but this will be their 6th DC in 6 straight seasons. Talk about turnover. And Batoon is sure hoping for lots of turnovers this next season, as he plans to bring an attacking and aggressive mentality to the islands. It sounds like he will be running a 4-3 base that usually varies in sub-packages based off what the offense is doing that week.

Brace yourselves: Mock Drafts are coming.

This one is from Mel Kiper of ESPN and has Wyoming QB Josh Allen going #1 to the Browns. He argus that Allen finished the strongest of the top 3 QBs this season, highlighting his showing in the bowl game against Central Michigan.

Where do you think Allen should go in the draft? What do you think of some of the new rule changes and proposals? Discuss in the comment section.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: MWC Recruiting Roundup
  • Coming Wednesday: Should Recruits Who Sign Early Have an Out-clause if Their Coach Leaves?
  • Also this week: Expect another recruiting article or two, including one with the commits and visit that aren’t covered today. Plus some basketball coverage throughout the week.

In case you missed it: