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Mountaintop View 1-2

Links are back in 2018!

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Holidays, am I right? Hope everyone had a great holiday season and more importantly, got to watch a lot of football! Now hopefully we can get back to some form or routine moving forward. Without further filler, here are some links to catch up on from the past week or so:

Fresno State shows up big in the Hawaii bowl

This caps off an extremely successful season for the Bulldogs and whether he wants to admit it or not, Tedford is a big reason why. Fresno State is lucky to have him and the hope is he can build on this season going into 2018.

Bulldogs also score another victory off the field.

Adding a PAC12 caliber talent to the MWC is always a good thing for the team and the conference. For the Bulldogs to have a great season, keep their coach, be doing well in the recruiting world, and now get a talented player in a transfer, the West division should be on indefinite notice.

In basketball news, Wolfpack fighting more than just their opponent.

Nevada not only had to go against New Mexico last week, they also had to battle illness. Thankfully, they escaped with victories on both fronts (for the most part).

Boise State also came away with a conference victory this week.

Chandler Hutchison is good at basketball. His 32 points and 12 rebounds was enough to take care of UNLV. Even if you aren’t a Bronco basketball fan, become a Hutchison fan because he’s the best player in the conference and will be gone after this season.

Some sad news on the SDSU basketball front.

The now former Aztec player has battled numerous injuries over the years. It’s a sad ending for Gill-Ceasar. Hope he can overcome his physical and mental aliments in the next step of his life.