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MWC Recruiting: Who’s Still In Play? (Part 2)

Round 2 of the top players still available

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again. Take a look at our take on 5 players being recruited by some of the schools in the Mountain West.

JUCO WR Michael Thompson:

  • Quote from player: “My best trait is my ability to be coachable. I feel like every time I’ve accepted coaching it has worked out in my favor.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Working as primarily a deep threat, Thompson used his speed to account for most of his production. He pairs that with great hands and good size to win jump ball matchups, making him a threat in the red-zone as well. He does his best work as a one cut and go route-runner who beats corners, making him a tough matchup overall.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: Hawaii (Jan 20th)
  • Looking for a school: “Somewhere that has a family oriented vibe going. Somewhere I can feel comfortable and be myself, and somewhere I can help win a conference championship.”
  • Choosing between: Hawaii, Wyoming, BYU, others

TE Brayden Willis:

  • Quote from player: “I think my ability to get out and run sets me apart. Also being a finer WR I think my route running and releases also set me apart. This year i did play TE/WR/RB and QB so I have versatility!”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Willis has the potential to be an impact-player for whatever school he ends up in. He would primarily be classified as a receiving TE, but he is a ferocious, fearless blocker when called upon. As a pass-catcher, Willis can line up on the line or out wide. He’s a major weapon in the middle of the field, running up the seem as a big play threat. He is particularly dangerous after the catch as he is skilled at pushing off tacklers or making them miss.
  • Past visits: Tulane, Utah State (Jan 12th)
  • Upcoming visits: Boise State
  • Looking for a school: “I want a school that has an offensive system that is perfect for my skill set, a great relationship with the players and coaches and great academics.”
  • Choosing between: No clear leader, but most interested in the schools he’s visiting. Recently received a Wake Forrest offer.

OT Thomas Wade:

  • Quote from player: “I would say what stands about my play is my technique along with my physical nature when I play.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Wade brings an extremely physical, menacing presence to the offensive line. He has great size and uses it well to overpower defenders. He has equal ability in run-blocking and pass-blocking and moves very well along the line. He stays low after the snap, which is a quality not high school offensive linemen have, especially at his size. This gives him an edge on the field and over some other similar players.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: Hawaii (Jan 19th), Colorado State (Jan 26th), Boise State (Feb 2nd)
  • Looking for a school: “A school with a good environment and team a that matches my personality.”
  • Choosing between: The three schools he is visiting but is still open to all other schools.

JUCO DE Jordan Greenlee:

  • Quote from player: “My best qualities are: adaptability, determination, and maintaining a high GPA while still focusing on football, both at the high school level and in junior college.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Greenlee provides great contain off the edge in keep the run game in check. He maintains a low center of gravity, giving him an advantage on 1v1 matchups with offensive tackles. He has an array of pass-rush moves, which allow him to consistently get to the quarterback in passing situations. A high-motor player who doesn’t give up on plays.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: In talks with Cal
  • Looking for a school: “A good location with a high academic pedigree and an opportunity to contribute and play.”
  • Choosing between: Hearing the most from Cal, Rice, and Eastern Washington. Open to others still.

CB Desmond Talley:

  • Quote from player: “What helps me stand out is how I compete and love to battle and just love competition. Not many players got that dog in them like I do.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Athletic and smooth, Talley brings a no-fear presence to a defense. He can guard the slot, boundary, or field making him versatile and with his size, he can cover just about anyone. Can also make an impact on multiple special teams.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: Planning visits to New Mexico and SJSU
  • Looking for a school: “One that has a great coaching staff who wants to win and get me to the next level. A family environment.”
  • Choosing between: Focusing on the two mentioned above, but still open to new schools.

Have any thoughts about where each player will end up or what you like about each player? Discuss in the comments below.