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Mountaintop View 1-15

Lots of basketball links.

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NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

A story about basketball, then basketball, plus basketball. Bonus: a basketball coach wades in a river.

Get to know a bit more about Tony Snell.

Former New Mexico star has always been known of as quiet, somewhat private person. This is a great read that sheds some light on who he is. A mom who was committed to be in her children’s lives instilled in him the impact of choices from a young age.

Wolfpack uses bulletin-board material to fuel their big win.

Utah State’s Coach Duryea basically said they were confident due to past close games and they usually had a chance to win. Not last night, as the Aggies lost by 26 points. Apparently, the quote was posted everywhere in the locker room and bathrooms leading up to the game.

In other Nevada news, they are down to 8 scholarship players.

Following the loss of Darien Williams, who was kicked off the team this week, . He was a grad-transfer from St. Johns. Out of their 8 remaining players, none are taller than 6’7. They also have four players sitting out this season due to transfer rules.

Broncos MBB continues their winning ways with a close win over the Aztecs.

Chandler Hutchison scored the Broncos’ first 16 points of the game and finished with a career best and new school record of 44 points. In his NBA resume-building season, this was perhaps his statement game. He did this all in front of the first sell-out home crowd in 3 years. Speaking of a sell-out...

Leon Rice fulfilled his promise of crossing the Boise River because of the sell-out:

On the other side of the Mountain:

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  • Wednesday: A look at the the proposal of allowing players to play 4 games while still preserving their redshirt year.