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MWC Recruiting: Who’s Still In Play? (Part 1)

Taking a look at some of the players still on the board with interest from the Mountain West.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

To start, this is far from a comprehensive list. This is merely a list of some players who are known to be receiving interest from school in the Mountain West. That interest can include offers, official visits, or in-home visits. Today features our initial list, but expect one or two more parts as more information is gathered over the next week.

QB Brock Purdy:

  • Quote from the player: “My best qualities are: my accuracy, that I'm a winner, and my athleticism to extend plays when things breakdown. People may question my size but when I played bigger guys my game didn’t change and I would even put up better numbers. I’m a hard-working player that does whatever it takes to win.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Purdy is a quarterback, plain and simple. Size aside, he has a big accurate arm, with a smooth delivery and a quick release. He looks comfortable in the pocket and seems to have a knack for putting the ball in a spot where the receiver can make a play. He is a shifty runner who is good at escaping pressure and isn’t easy to tackle.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: Boise State (Jan 12th), UCF (Jan 19th)
  • Looking for a school that: “Has a great college town, plays against great competition, and a place where I can make a difference and see the field as much as possible.”
  • Choosing between: Boise State and UCF.

OL Jake Parks:

  • Quote from the player: “I played tackle this year but I’m going to play interior in college. I like to play physical with quick hands and feet. I think my tenacity to get after my opponents helps me.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Parks looks talented enough to play inside or outside, transitioning from one to the other seamlessly. What stands out right away is his tendency to make two to three blocks on a play, doing his part to ensure his skills players are protected from defenders. He is a weapon on the offensive line, the type that has the potential to be an integral part of any play due to the impact he makes as a blocker.
  • Past visits: SJSU, Boise State
  • Upcoming visits: UC Davis (Jan 20th)
  • Looking for a school that: “I want a program that cares for its players, provides a great education for its players, and for the team to be a good group of guys that gel together.”
  • Choosing between: The 3 he has/will visit.

OL Alama Uluave:

  • Quote from the player: “I like to think of myself as a balanced offensive lineman that can do both pass and run block well. And I think one thing that separates me physically is my feet! Also being from Hawaii I like to think that Hawaii players play with a chip on their shoulders.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Uluave is a highly intelligent, stick to your assignment type of lineman. He displays advanced technique and puts himself in a position to make the necessary block or play every time. He may not be flashy, but in true OL fashion, just gets the job done each time, whether it is recognized or not. He appears equally talented at both pass-protection and run-blocking.
  • Past visits: SDSU
  • Upcoming visits: Yale (Jan 27th)
  • Looking for a school that: “It really comes down to the visits! I’m just looking at where I will fit in more and also at what the school has to offer. I’ll probably decide a few days after my visit.”
  • Choosing between: SDSU and Yale

OL Braydin Shipp:

  • Quote from the player: “Personally, I feel like my best trait compared to the other recruits is Imy football IQ! My grandpas been a high school football coach for the last 40 years so I grew up watching him plan for all the different situations that come as a coach! And I’ve lived in Arkansas and Oklahoma so I’ve gotten to see a lot of different ways of playing football and seen a lot of very good players to learn from them, it’s been great.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Shipp is a massive force on both sides of the line, but his future lies at OL. He uses his size to overpower opponents, driving them back, knocking them down, whatever is needed to get the job done. He appears to understand his assignments and goes beyond, consistently looking for the next block to be made once one is finished.
  • Past visits: Unofficials to Utah, BYU, Boise State, Utah State, and Weber State
  • Upcoming visits: In contact to plan an official visit to Boise State
  • Looking for a school that: “Where he can grow as a player and person.”
  • Choosing between: Boise State is the top choice.

OL Landon Bebee:

  • Quote from the player: “I come from one of the top HS programs in the country and Hall of fame coach John Roderique (11 State tiles in last 21 years) I was a Captain of this years State Championship team. I know the hard work and attitude it takes to be a winning program. You have to be lifting when others are sleeping and work harder then the teams your facing. Allow your coaches to push you beyond what you think you are capable of. My strength is definitely run blocking! I love opening up big holes for the RB’s and putting someone on there back!”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Bebee is a powerful anchor along the offensive line. A leader in picking up blockers and knowing what to do each play, his level of play rises due to his football IQ. Pancake after pancake block display his power and strength. While this may be challenged at the next level, Bebee is the type of player who will work harder than anyone to ensure he will maintain his high quality of play.
  • Past visits: In home visits from New Mexico and Utah State
  • Upcoming Visits: None scheduled as of now.
  • Looking for a school that: “I want to be at a school where I fit best with the coaches and can get a great education!”
  • Choosing between: New Mexico, South Alabama, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan

JUCO DL Tristan Nichols:

  • Quote from the player: “My versatility is what sets me apart from other d-linemen. I played a lot of defensive tackle and started playing more end this year after leaning up a bit. I still have the strength and mobility to play on the inside but enough quickness to play on the end and in a 2-point stance.”
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Nichols has a nice speed/power combination at the line. He looks comfortable in a 3 or 4 man front and is able to play multiple positions. He does a great job getting off his blocks and swarming to the ball-carrier. He also doesn’t give up on plays, making multiple tackles down or on the side of the field.
  • Past visits: None
  • Upcoming visits: Nevada (Jan 12th), New Mexico (Jan 19th)
  • Looking for a school that: “I’m pretty wide open right now, giving everyone a shot.”
  • Choosing between: Nevada and New Mexico, but still open to others.

DB (WR) Michael Washington:

  • Quote from the player: My passion for for the sport is the most important thing. I will never turn down a rep. I feel like if you want to be the best you have to compete against the best. I have a dog attitude that if you think you better than me you have to show me. I feel like as a DB I can cover sideline to sideline. My speed helps me stand out. I have great ball skills and open field tackling. Football is more than just a game for me it’s a way to make sure my family set again and to make sure my mom never have to stress about me ever again.
  • Highlights here
  • Analysis: Washington is fast! He uses his top tool as catching passes, in the return game, on making up ground on defense. Getting in the right system will allow him to develop his athletic ability further into football skills. He is a true athlete who can make an impact in any phase of the game.
  • Past visits: Hawaii, Boise State, BYU
  • Upcoming visits: None are scheduled at this time.
  • Looking for a school that: “I just want play ball. I don’t care if it’s offense or defense. I want my degree.”
  • Choosing between: Despite MWC offers, Michael states he is still open to any team out there that is willing to give him a chance.

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