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Mountain West Power Rankings Vol. 2

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Where does your favorite team fall this week?

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Air Force Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This past week wasn't anything to write home about for the Mountain West, but no matter, the show must go on. Here is this week’s version of the Mountain West's Power Rankings.

12. Nevada – Oh Nevada. Nevada, Nevada, Nevada. You can’t challenge your friend’s little brother to a fight and lose. Well, I mean, you can but it is going to result in you going from 11 to 12. Nevada is in the cellar.

11. UNLV – The Rebels didn’t have a game this weekend. They went up in the power rankings without even playing. If the Rebels could only schedule 10 more consecutive bye weeks they might end up being the best team in the Mountain West, unfortunately the Rebels will return to actually playing football next week.

10. SJSU – Well, the Spartans took on Utah this weekend, and it wasn’t pretty. The Utes took SJSU to the woodshed. For the second straight weekend San Jose gave up over 50 points, but on the bright side this weekend they improved from zero points to 16! Watch out, the Spartans are putting it together.

9. Utah State – The Aggies looked to have built up some momentum after dropping over 50 points on Idaho State, yes the same Idaho State that beat Nevada this weekend. It was short lived though, because the Aggies got beaten senseless by the Demon Deacons this weekend. The Aggies have potential, but consistency is there weakness right now.

8. New Mexico – The Lobos moved up one spot from last week due in large part to the strong showing on the road against Boise. The Lobos were really just one or two plays away from really giving the Broncos a scare. To recap: the Lobos lost and moved up. That’s the kind of weekend it was for the Mountain West.

7. Fresno State – The Bulldogs really ran the gauntlet after their opening week game against Incarnate World facing Alabama and Washington in back-to-back weeks, so yeah, half of last year’s College Football Playoffs. It didn’t work out so well for Fresno. Fresno didn’t go down without fight, however. Watch out for these Bulldogs to play spoiler later this season.

6. Air Force – The Falcons faced off with the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House on Saturday, and while they didn’t end up shocking the Wolverines, they did represent themselves extremely well. And their defense is going to pose some real problems for Mountain West foes down the road. Air Force moves up.

5. Wyoming – Goodness, gracious did the Cowboys ever look bad this weekend. Laramie and its 7,000+ feet played host to the Ducks this weekend, and the Ducks handed the Cowboys a mile high beat down. The Cowboys had high expectations coming into this season, those need to be tempered.

4. Hawaii – The Warriors, like the Rebels, did nothing this weekend and went up in the power rankings. This one is pretty self-explanatory. The Cowboys were so bad, Hawaii slid ahead of them.

3. Colorado State – I’m convinced no one really beats Alabama. Alabama either beats themselves, or wins. Alabama didn’t beat themselves this weekend. The Rams did the Mountain West proud though. They showed glimpses of a power offense, and didn’t get entirely embarrassed. They stay at number three.

3. Boise State – No this isn’t a typo. Boise State is also, right now, the third best team in the conference. Yes I realize there are only 12 teams, yes I realize this means there will also not be a number two. I could have tied both of the teams at two, I understand that, but I thought that would be disingenuous to really how close these teams are to San Diego State.

1. San Diego State – The Aztecs are the class of the Mountain West, and like I said last week: it isn’t close. After heading down to Tempe, Arizona and taking care of Arizona State, the Aztecs thought it would be prudent to invite Stanford to San Diego and send their second straight Pac-12 opponent home with a loss. This win not only cements SDSU as the best Mountain West team by far, but also puts them in a great position to eventually represent the Group of Five in a New Year’s Six bowl bid.

There it is, Volume Two of your Mountain West Power Rankings! Agree? Disagree? Blow me up on twitter @Stubbs_SBN or leave a comment, and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.