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Recruit Interviews: 3 New Commits and 2 Visit Recaps

We go in depth with latest recruiting news around the MWC

Mountain West Connection caught up for a few names making recruiting headlines this week. Most notably were three commits; RB Andrew Van Buren gave a verbal pledge to Boise State while QB Jeremy Moussa committed to Hawaii and OL Tyler Ostrum did the same for San Jose State.

1) Jeremy Moussa:

Mountain West Connection: What made you decide to pull the trigger and commit?

Moussa: Everything seemed right I loved the coaches and the school and the whole feel of Hawaii is really nice. They have a lot of support here from the fans since it's the closest thing to a pro team they have.

Mountain West Connection: What have the coaches said about you coming in as a QB and their plan for you next year?

Moussa: That was a big factor as well. With the QB situation, I have a opportunity to play early but with an experienced QB in Drew Brown if I have to sit a year and red-shirt he is a great person to learn from.

Mountain West Connection: Which coaches would you say played a big role in your recruiting and what did they say when you committed?

Moussa: Coach Craig Stutzman was the one recruiting me hardest but Coach Rolo and Coach Smith also did a good amount as well. And they were super happy and kind of caught off guard because it was kind of out of the blue.

Mountain West Connection: How do you feel about having the chance to spend the next years of your life in Hawaii?

Moussa: It's pretty exciting it's a really cool place because even though it is a small island it has a city and the country beach town life too.

Mountain West Connection: What are you plans going forward?

Moussa: I’m not gonna search out other offers, I’m happy with where I am. I’ll be signing in December and enrolling early.

2) Tyler Ostrum:

Mountain West Connection: What factored into your decision to commit to SJSU?

Ostrum: The most important factor of my commitment to SJSU was the relationship I had with the coaches. Coach Bernardi especially is an amazing coach and from the work I've done with him at camps and the criticism he has given me I knew he was the right coach for me. I love the family atmosphere that SJSU has and I think I'd make a great fit to their team.

Mountain West Connection: What have they said about how they see you fitting into what they are doing and what did they say when you committed?

Ostrum: They told me that they want tough guys, that love the game and are able to get it done in the classroom. I believe I fit into all three of those categories and so do they. When I called and told them I wanted to commit they were excited to hear it and told me I had earned it.

Mountain West Connection: Have they said what spot on the OL they are thinking you will play?

Ostrum: They haven't told me anything about a certain position but I will play whatever they need me to play to the best of my ability. I'm not too worried about it I've played all over the O-Line before.

3) RB Andrew Van Buren:

Mountain West Connection: What made you decide to commit to Boise State?

AVB: Boise is a wonderful place, I vibe well with the coaches. They treat me as if I'm already a part of the family, and I really enjoy that!

Mountain West Connection: Who have been your main recruiters during this process for you?

AVB: Coach Marks, Coach Harsin and Coach Uscher!

The final two interviews are visit recaps from DB Uluaki Katoanga and 2019 QB Hank Bachmeier.

4) DB Uluaki Katoanga:

Mountain West Connection: Which visits did you take recently?

Katoanga: I went to Wazzu, Boise State, and SJSU

Mountain West Connection: Can you speak about the highlights and your thoughts about each school?

Katoanga: The thing I liked about Wazzu was one obviously it's a PAC-12 school meaning that you already know the facility and the rest of the school is 2nd to none. But what I also loved about it was how all the coaches were very professional. Also When talking to the coaching staff I learned that they look out for me and watch over me but at the same time they kind of take their hands off and let me grow as a person and as a player. Also at Wazzu it's a small community so I know if I go there I could focus on football and school because it's a small town.

Katoanga: Now what stood out to me in Boise State was how small the campus and because of that the coaches are able to keep an eye on the players daily and know what's going on. Over at Boise State the coaching staff over there were hands on and helped you gradually grow into a person. Also and how the community that surrounds Boise State and the program co- exist in supporting each other

Katoanga: When I got to San Jose State I could tell that the vibe and energy was very different because of the new coaching staff and you could tell that the energy level was exciting because it was like a fresh start. Also new facilities were being built which showed how the community was excited about where San Jose State is headed. Also the coaches were very friendly and energized and were always on top of things and ready to work. In the end I could see myself at any of these colleges spending 4-5 years.

Mountain West Connection: After visiting, do any of these teams have a slight edge in one area or another at all?

Katoanga: All these schools are in my top 5 but as for me, I'm just trying to enjoy the process and not trying to commit to early and then later de-commit and let down coaches.

5) QB Hank Bachmeier:

Mountain West Connection: So what did your visit to Boise State entail and what were the highlights for you?

Bachmeier: The first day I went to practice and meetings. Also talked with Coach Harsin and Coach Hill. Facilities were great just as good as anyone else. Loved the coaches. Coach Hill is awesome. And I love the offensive system.

Mountain West Connection: What do you like about Coach Hill?

Bachmeier: Just his personality. I think we had great synergy and would work very well together in the future.

Mountain West Connection: What about your conversation with Coach Harsin, can you speak more about that?

Bachmeier: He just expressed how the Bronco culture was and how they like to keep the tradition going. Talked about how they work hard

Mountain West Connection: So I know it's early but you liking any schools better than others so far?

Bachmeier: I honestly still feel like it is early in the process for me so I am wide open as of now and just want to try and focus for the season. I have 9 total offers and have taken visits to Colorado, Utah, and Cal in addition to Boise State. I will probably visit some games in the fall for a few schools. Still working out the details.