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Prospect Interview: Greg Bell

Bell recaps recent visits to Louisville, Boise State

RB Greg Bell out of Arizona Western Community College is one of the top JUCO running backs in the 2018 class. He’s an explosive runner with break-away speed and is sought after from a number of schools, holding seven offers thus far. In the past two weeks, Bell has visited both Louisville and Boise State and he spoke to Mountain West Connection about those visits:

MWConnection: It’s seems like you enjoyed both your visits to Louisville and Boise State. What stood out to you about each visit?

Bell: With Louisville, they have 3 Senior Running backs. So I would be coming in to compete for starting job asap. With Boise State, I like the vibe out there and I would also be coming in to play asap.

MWConnection: I'm sure as a JUCO guy it’s important for you to play right away.

Bell: Yeah, most definitely!

MWConnection: What impressions did you get from each of the coaching staffs?

Bell: Both staffs stood out to me because I feel like they were both genuine and real when they talked to me.

MWConnection: Is there anything separating the two schools at this point in your mind?

Bell: I would say it’s about the same right now. I had great visits at both.

MWConnection: What are schools would you like to visit? Also, would it be difficult for a new school to overtake Louisville and Boise State at this point?

Bell: Utah is one of my favorite and Arizona is in there too. I wouldn't say it would be hard for other schools to jump those two, but it wouldn't be too easy either. I don’t have a date in mind for committing yet.


Mountain West Connection will continue to provide updates on Bell’s recruitment, so follow our staff on Twitter for updates and check back on our site.