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New Mexico Seeking Balance and an Undefeated Season

A New New Mexico?

NCAA Football: New Mexico Bowl-New Mexico at Texas-San Antonio Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you will about the University of New Mexico, but one thing you can’t say is that they lack moxie.

“We all set a goal, we want to be undefeated” said New Mexico defensive lineman Garrett Hughs without even a hint of sarcasm or hubris, to his immediate left was Lobo quarterback Lamar Jordan who looked at Hughs and nodded in agreement.

These Lobo’s believe in themselves, and are looking to confound whatever preconceived notions people may have about their program.

“Back in the day you used to throw a pass and then it would be like seven or eight running plays until we’d throw another one. We are looking to be more balanced this year” said Lamar Jordan. “We’ll be getting back to, well I don’t know when New Mexico used to pass, but back towards that.”

Both Jordan and Hughs say their individual sides of the ball are improving, and they think they are going to catch teams by surprise. “Our defense has been working hard, man, people aren’t going to see us coming” said Hughs, and Jordan added that he and his receivers are gaining trust in each other from working together more in the offseason.

New Mexico has been in the business of playing the spoiler the past few seasons, but if they achieve their goal of running the table undefeated, that business will have gone from a mom and pop shop, to an international juggernaut. And after Bill Hancock saying an undefeated Mountain West champion would “absolutely” get consideration for the College Football Playoff, the sky really is the limit for the Lobos.